UPST Projects

To achieve our mission of "Better, Faster, Cheaper", the UPST is collaborating with various partners both within the President's Office and our various campuses on various initiatives. These projects span automation, technology adoption, process improvement, policy harmonization, and a whole lot more.

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BuyWays Release 2.0: Streamline Procurement Contracts Process

Currently, there are contracting process activities that take place outside of the BuyWays Contracts Module, Total Contract Management (TCM), with some campuses maintaining their own templates, or process elements even after the formation of UPST.  In addition to this, the existing contract request form is not integrated with the TCM module, with existing functionalities not optimized when it was deployed by UMass 5-10 years ago.  

Strategic Sourcing/Cost Savings

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The UPST partnered with UITS and campus CIOs to drive the rationalization of the UMass system IT Value Added Resellers (VAR) supplier base into 4 strategic contracts. With over 10,000 active IT VAR suppliers, the initiative aimed to rein in the number of active information technology suppliers to ensure accountability, compliance, and proactive supplier management. The 4 strategic IT VAR suppliers that UMass has contracted with includes, Gov Connection, Whalley, WEI, and CDW-G, all of which have been doing business with the system for some years now. 

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Print Services Optimization

The UMass – SupplyLogic partnership is an extension of the work being done by the campus marketing and procurement teams. The model allows UMass to focus on our strategic, high-value activities, while leveraging a specialized partner to manage the execution of those strategies.  

Completed Projects

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BuyWays Release 1.0: Guided Buying, Change Orders, and NBJ

The UPST worked with your campus stakeholders over a period of 7 months to automate the No-Bid Justification (NBJ) process, and Change Order process while defining a process to operationalize the use of enhanced purchase orders (PO) to contract services contracts of less than $50K in BuyWays. BuyWays Release 1.0 is an umbrella name for this project and it was successfully deployed system-wide between July and August of 2021.

Motto: Ease of use and efficiency.