Payment of an invoice for goods and services requires a purchase order unless the payment is on the list of acceptable transactions that allow direct payment to the vendor with no purchase order.  See the Direct Payment page for more information and guidelines on Direct Payment. 

Invoices for items purchased through BuyWays are typically received from participating vendors electronically through the University’s e-procurement portal and transmitted in a batch for payment processing. These electronic invoices are subject to the same payment processing rules as non-electronic invoices. 

If you receive an original invoice directly: 

  • Scan it and forward it immediately as a PDF file via email to along with appropriate signature approval certifying goods or services that have been received as ordered and that the invoice is accurate. The original invoice should be kept within the department to avoid duplicate payments. 
  • A clear reference to the appropriate Purchase Order number is required. In the instance that no Purchase Order exists, please forward the original invoice with the appropriate speed type or chart field string noted clearly on the invoice, with a signature indicating approval for payment. UPST will review the invoice to determine the PO requirements. 

All invoices must include the name of the vendor, the payment remit address of the vendor, and a valid purchase order number. 

Wire Payments 

UPST does not store any wire payment information. When payments are to be made via wire transfer, please ensure that the invoice contains the wire payment information.