Supplier Registration and Management

Our Supplier Management Team oversees supplier registration, development, and risk management. They ensure that suppliers are registered in alignment with UMass policies and other regulatory compliance requirements.

Supplier registration is performed via 2 different processes/ systems dependent on the tax /immigration status: 

  • U.S.-Based/ Domestic Suppliers: BuyWays Supplier Module (TSM) 
  • Foreign Based Suppliers: Registered through supplier add/update form

Note that employee and student suppliers are handled differently.  The sections below provide detailed information on the different supplier types.

UMass is dedicated to ensuring that our purchasing practices are aligned with the development of our local and diverse communities in an equitable and sustainable manner. Read more on our Supplier Diversity Program

Quick Reference Guides: Supplier Registration Reference Guide   Supplier/Vendor Status Guide

The add/update process for US/Domestic suppliers is a self-service process. The supplier will need to be invited to register in the UMass Supplier Portal through the BuyWays Supplier Module. Please follow the instructions provided in the job aid below:

Invite suppliers for registration as follows:

Exceptions: Catalog vendors, colleges & universities, hospitals, cities & towns. Please use the Supplier Add/Update web-form for adds/updates.

To add a new foreign supplier, the paperwork required is dependent upon the foreign supplier’s immigration status and the nature of the payment.

  1. Submit a request to UPST by using the add or update a supplier form.
    1. UPST will send you a confirmation email with a case number.
  2. Respond to the UPST confirmation email and attach all required documents.
    1. See the requirements below for the appropriate documents necessary for supplier submission.

For more information on required forms, checklists, and tax information, please visit the Nonresident Alien Tax & Compliance Program website.

To establish a supplier code for a student or employee, please email with the following information:

  • Legal name
  • Legal address
  • Employee ID or student ID 

Please note that due to Internal Revenue Service regulations, employees and students are only allowed refunds and reimbursements through Accounts Payable. Any other type of payment must be processed through Human Resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Knowledge Base has answers to the most frequently asked questions that asked by our constituents.

Supplier Registration FAQs