Supplier Registration and Management

Our Supplier Management Team oversees supplier registration, development, and risk management. They ensure that suppliers are registered in alignment with UMass policies and other regulatory compliance requirements.

The Supplier Request Form is used to request a new supplier, request a change on an existing supplier, or request a supplier proxy. Use this form to request support on all supplier types i.e., domestic individual, foreign supplier, entities, etc.

Prior to completing the form, you will need to know the answers to the questions below and have that information available:

  1. If the supplier is foreign or domestic
  2. The supplier’s email address
  3. If the supplier is an existing UMass supplier
  4. If we will be using the supplier more than once
  5. What the department is trying to purchase or pay the supplier for

Note: Employee and student suppliers are handled differently. The sections below provide detailed information on the different supplier types.



  • Before you initiate a supplier request for an individual that may be a current or recently retired employee, complete the Determination of Independent Contractor Status and receive your campus HR feedback before starting the process with UPST.

For more information on nonresident alien tax withholding, checklists, and forms, please visit Treasury's Add or Update a Foreign Supplier page

Sponsors are entities that are set-up in the PeopleSoft Grants system, we provide them a service and they pay us. These entities are managed by the Controller's Office and not UPST.

You may use the form below to request Grant/Sponsor set-up with the Controller's Office:

UMass is dedicated to ensuring that our purchasing practices are aligned with the development of our local and diverse communities in an equitable and sustainable manner. Read more on our Supplier Diversity Program

The UMass supplier payment options offers suppliers more favorable payment terms when utilizing the University's preferred payment solutions. For more information about the payment options below, please visit the Treasurer's office Disbursement Strategy page. 

Job Aids & Resources

New Domestic Entity

Demonstrates how to onboard a new domestic entity using the Supplier Request Form in BuyWays.

Foreign Entity & Individual

Demonstrates how to onboard a new foreign entity or individual using the Supplier Request Form in BuyWays.

Updating an Existing Supplier

Demonstrates how to update an existing supplier using the Supplier Request Form in BuyWays.

Job Aid/ResourcePurpose
New Domestic IndividualDemonstrates how to onboard a new domestic individual using the Supplier Request Form in BuyWays.
Supplier Request & Registration Reference GuideProvides quick information on requesting a supplier and what their registration process looks like. 
Supplier Status GuideShows the various statuses a requester sees when they submit a request and when the supplier is in the process of registering. 
Search for a SupplierDemonstrates how to search for a supplier by name and number in BuyWays. 
Search for a Supplier by Tax ID NumberDemonstrates how to search for a supplier by tax id number in BuyWays. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Knowledge Base has answers to the most frequently asked questions that asked by our constituents.

Supplier Registration FAQs