Procurement & Finance


BuyWays is the purchasing system for UMass covering Requisitions, PO, Invoice Status Check, Bank Card Statement Upload, Contract Request, Supplier Registration, and Sourcing.

Finance System (Expense Reporting)

Access Peoplesoft Financials for your Bank Card and travel and expense purchase reporting i.e. reallocation.

Travel & Expense

Concur (Project Fast Lane)

Access Concur for Travel & Expense processes


Travel Registry (Terra Dotta)

The UMass Travel Registry facilitates rapid location and communication in the event of an emergency situation.


This is used for simple domestic point-to-point travel (online booking). 


The Travel Collaborative

The Travel Collaborative is used for International travel reservations, group travel support, and complex travel arrangements involving two or more cities. 

Reservations Made Via Live Agent Booking Only (1-800-370-7400)


Blackboard Training

UPST training hosted on the Blackboard Learning Management system. Trainings hosted here include Bank Card Compliance Training.

Get Inclusive Training

UPST interactive training that walks you through procurement process. Includes Uploading a Bank Card Statement in BuyWays.