The President's Office (Administration and Finance in coordination with UITS) provides system-wide payroll information and services in collaboration with campus payroll departments.
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Payroll for Employees

  • Getting paid 
  • Understanding your paycheck
  • Taxes
  • Payroll for new employees
  • Payroll for international employees
  • Payroll for student workers
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Payroll for Managers

  • Approving timesheets
  • Authorizing travel and reimbursements
  • Other pay approvals and forms
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Campus Payroll Partners

  • Payroll calendars and forms
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Making payroll adjustments
  • Payments to international employees
  • Non-payroll payments

Need Assistance?

Do you need assistance with a payroll related issue?
Contact the University Payroll Office by calling (774) 528-0203
or submitting a support request using the links below.

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