If you are a foreign individual that works for UMass - including employees, students, and researcher - we can guide you through the payment process.

Accessing Payroll Information

Many payroll functions, including timesheets, direct deposit, and copies of your paycheck, can be found in HR Direct. Detailed HR Direct user guides provide step-by-step instructions for completing common payroll tasks on each campus website. You can access your campus's user guides through the HR Direct Support Materials section on this page.   

Payroll Taxes

Payroll tax and withholding information are available in Sprintax Calculus. You can use Sprintax Calculus to manage your tax status and ensure that the University is handling your U.S. tax obligations correctly. You can check Sprintax Calculus User Resources webpage for further instructions.

UMass provides guidance on U.S. tax obligations for any foreign national who receives payments from the university, including students, employees, independent contractors, researchers, and teachers. Visit our nonresident alien tax and compliance site to learn more.

Need Assistance?

Do you need assistance with a payroll related issue?
Contact the University Payroll Office by calling (774) 528-0203
or submitting a support request using the links below.

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