The Government Affairs Department of the University of Massachusetts President’s Office is responsible for monitoring all legislation that affects all aspects of the University, including but not limited to funding for the University and other legislative and policy issues that arrive before city, state and federal government.  Working under the direction of the President of the University and other appropriate officials, the Government Affairs Department strives to maintain the University’s agenda.

The office promotes and provides communications with University leadership, various organizational units and constituencies within the University. A strong presence with the state legislature, executive office and other state agencies and local city government is provided to maintain effective advocacy, services, and collaboration.  The office also oversees and coordinates the legislative agenda at all levels across the University system.  The office maintains and develops relationships with key legislators and their staffs, committee staffs and regulators to effectively channel the goals and objectives of the University President, Chancellors and Board of Trustees.

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For general questions or additional information about Government Affairs, please contact us at:

University of Massachusetts President’s Office
One Beacon Street, 31st Floor
Boston, MA  02108


David H. McDermott, Esq.
Vice President for External Affairs & Senior Advisor to the President