The UMass Travel & Expense Program is focused on providing resources for all University employee-related travel and expense needs.

UMass employees being transitioned to Concur, visit the Concur User Rollout page for training and support information

Travel Planning and Activities

Information on steps University Travelers must take prior to booking University Travel, while booking University Travel, before they depart for University Travel, and while traveling.

Business and Travel Expenses

Information on Travel Expenses and reimbursements. View the updated business & travel expense policy and standards that outlines allowable/non-allowable expenses, as well as prior approval and documentation requirements. Access Travel & Business Expense Approval Matrices by Campus and State Employee Disclosure Information.

Concur Link and Resources

Please click here for access to the Concur home page:

Concur Login

Please see below Concur Resources offered:

Concur Resources


Need Help with Concur?

  1. Create a case by completing one of the following forms:
    1. Concur Request
    2. Concur Expense
    3. Concur Travel
    4. Concur System Access
  2. Create a case by emailing
  3. Call the Concur Hotline at (774) 570-5507.  Follow the prompts to connect to a support team member. Hotline support available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.