University Travelers must complete the following three steps in the order presented below. This webpage provides information on Step 2: Booking Travel.
  1. Obtain Pre-Travel Authorization (also known as Prior Approval): University Travelers must obtain prior approval/pre-travel authorization in Concur prior to booking travel. Please see the Before Booking Travel (Pre-Travel Authorization) section for additional information.
  2. Book Travel Arrangements: University Travelers can book their travel after pre-travel authorization is obtained. University travelers are encouraged to book travel through Concur.  See below for additional information.
  3. Register Travel: University Travelers must register travel once travel is booked.  See the Travel Registration section for additional information. 

    Travelers are also encouraged to visit Before Departure to obtain information on university travel insurance, how to receive emergency alerts while traveling, and information on travel using your Bank Card. 

  • Prior approval/pre-travel authorization must be obtained by all Travelers before travel is booked.
  • Travel arrangements must be the most feasibly economic option available to the Traveler.
  • Booking through the UMass Travel Management Company (TMC) is strongly recommended
    • Travel can be booked through the TMC in Concur
    • TMCs provide the best available rates and options
    • Travel booked in Concur though the TMC is automatically registered
  • All grant-funded travel must comply with Fly America regulations


University travel in Concur is powered by CTP. Supporting your company’s travel management goals with personal service. For info on how to book your travel online, watch the Concur Demo Video.

CTP's Helpdesk can be contacted via phone from Monday to Friday 8AM - 7PM CT at 1-877-208-1396 or click here to Email Online Support

The Travel Collaborative

The Travel Collaborative can assist with all international travel reservations, group travel support, and complex travel arrangements involving two or more cities (live agent booking).

  • UMass Dedicated Numbers : 855-497-8112 (toll free) and 617-497-8112
    Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 6:00pm EST
  • Emergency After Hours Service  (Domestic & International): 203-800-4680

Rental Car Insurance

  • Liability Insurance
    • If you are renting a car for University Travel, always decline Liability Insurance because the University already has this coverage under its general insurance policy. If you are involved in an accident and there is damage to the other driver's car (aka third-party damage), file a police report and contact the Treasurer's Office at 
  • Physical Damage Insurance (also called Collision and Comprehensive or CDW/LDW)
    • Decline Physical Damage Insurance when you are paying for the rental car with a University Bank Card because the Bank Card has a built-in policy. Note, if you are involved in an accident or if the rental car is damaged, you must call the credit card company as soon as it is reasonably feasible to do so.
    • Purchase Physical Damage Insurance when you are paying with a:
      • Purchase Order
      • Personal credit card

Concur Travel & Expense Support

There are 3 ways to get T&E support as listed below:

  1. Submit a support request online to create a case by the types listed:
    1. Concur Request
    2. Concur Expense
    3. Concur Travel
    4. Concur System Access
  2. Email to create a case
  3. Call the Concur Hotline at (774)570-5507. Live phone support M-F from 9-4.