Bank Card Program

The UMass Bank Card is a Visa credit card issued by US Bank. This is a 'one card' program that offers UMass and the cardholders flexibility to use a single card for both travel-related and supplies-related UMass expenses only. The Bank Card is a procurement tool that offers an alternative to UMass purchasing/payment processes for instances where the supplier does not accept a Purchase Order (PO), emergency purchases, and/or for UMass-related travel expenses (based on your applicable department approval).

Purchases must be made in line with the UMass Board Of Trustees (BOT) Business and Travel Expense Policy and Standards (2021), CEO Business Expense Policy (2019), and Bank Card Use Standard (2022).

You are encouraged to review both documents before making any purchases. Note that the UMass BOT Business Expense Policy should be complemented by your campus-specific business expense policy that is maintained by each campus Controller. Your department may require approval by the Fund Administrator for all purchases or for purchases over a predetermined threshold.

  1. Apply for your new card by sending an email to with the following information: employee full name, employee ID #, and employee University email address
  2. Access job aids and video tutorials for the program on the UPST Resources (Forms & Job AIds) page
  3. Attend UPST instructor-led reallocation and statement upload training, register here
  4. Register your new card with US Bank (organization short name: Umass1), use these links to register and access job aids. 
  5. Learn how to sign up for account alerts with US Bank
  6. Learn how to view your US Bank electronic statement (eStatement) 
  7. Request access to upload bank card statements and receipts for a cardholder as proxy (addition of External Req # field for Bank Card Statements form in BuyWays) by emailing us at Ensure to include the following in your email: Name and employee ID of the proxy/delegated person (add Ext req # information for), cardholder name and last 4 digits of the Bank Card, name  and employee ID of manager who will be approving statements for the cardholder
  8. Request reallocation access for a cardholder in PeopleSoft, by emailing us: with the following information:  Name of the user(s) who will be reallocating, Cardholder name(s) and cardholder employee ID
  9. Resolve budget check errors for transactions in Peoplesoft by verifying that the chartfield string information has been correctly entered.  For errors on non-grant funds, please contact your campus Budget Office for assistance.  For errors on grant funded transactions, please contact your campus Grant Accounting Office for assistance.
  10. Purchase exceptions or items over the approved limit on the card account: use the applicable Bank Card Change Request form to request a limit change. This form should also be used to request any update to your Bank Card. Note: This form requires the manager's approval before it can be processed.
  11. Review the Bank Card FAQs for additional program information

Some leading practice information and forms to note as you use your Bank Card:

  • Purchase exceptions or items over the approved limit on the card account: use the applicable Bank Card Change Request form to request a limit change. This form should also be used to request any update to your Bank Card. Note that this form requires the manager's approval before it can be processed.
  • Reimbursement error: If you make a purchase via Bank Card and are subsequently reimbursed in error, you must return the reimbursement to the University within 30 days of discovering the error.
  • Tax-exempt status: the University of Massachusetts is classified as an exempt purchaser under the doctrine of intergovernmental tax immunity and is therefore exempt from sales taxes for all tangible property or services. The Federal Tax ID Number (TIN) for UMass is 04-3167352.
  • The University BuyWays system is the first source for purchasing goods and services. Amherst users should use Amherst's A&F applications page to login to BuyWays. B-D-L-P-M use this link to login. 
  • Capital equipment (greater than $5,000)
  • Alcoholic beverages, unless preapproved following your campus policy. As a reminder, alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be charged to grants
  • Amazon Prime accounts
  • Animals
  • Any item prohibited by State or University policy
  • Item that can be purchased in BuyWays
  • Cash advances of any type
  • Cell phones and monthly invoices
  • Computers
  • Construction, renovations and the related materials thereto
  • Equipment in excess of $500
  • Flowers* (must contact campus HR for approval and purchasing of all flowers related to sympathy or illness)
  • Upholstered Furniture
  • Gasoline for personal vehicle
  • Gifts* of any kind or donations (Contact campus HR for memorial contributions in lieu of flowers and retirement gifts)
  • Gift cards* (exceptions for official recognition programs made with prior approval from the Bank Card team and approval of Human Resources and/or the Campus Controller and for special programs with prior approval from the Bank Card team)
  • Insurance
  • Lease and lease-purchases
  • Moving services
  • Personal purchases
  • Prescription drugs and controlled substances
  • Radioactive and hazardous material
  • Rentals (except vehicle rentals for approved travel)
  • Service contracts
  • Split transactions – transactions over the approved limit on the UMass Card account may not be intentionally ‘split’ to bypass the limit
  • UMass Club memberships unless approved by the University President

"Individual transaction funds" are those funds that may be expended by an individual with no prior approval and/or without the benefit of established oversight and control. This fund type includes University-liability credit cards and telephone calling cards and such imprest checking accounts as may be established to meet operating needs. The policy for individual transaction funds includes general guidelines for spending:

  1. All costs incurred or expenditures must comply with established University policies, especially Purchasing, Business Expense, and Employee Travel. 
  2. This policy applies only to corporate liability cards (CLCs). Individual liability cards (ILCs), whether or not sponsored by the University or its campuses, are the sole responsibility of the holder. The University is not legally obligated for the ILC's use.
  3. Only the President, Chancellors, and senior administrators or staff designated under the authority of the President or Chancellors will be issued CLC's. Approval and acknowledgement of CLC receipt will be documented and copies will be maintained by the issuing organization on each campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Knowledge Base has answers to the most frequently asked questions that asked by our constituents.

Bank Card FAQs