The University's Procurement Policy specifies the rules for all University procurement and contracting activities, with specific requirements detailed for the purchasing categories listed below:

  • Construction or Building Maintenance
  • Contract for Services
  • Equipment or Software Maintenance
  • Materials (Supplies, Parts, Utilities, Equipment)
  • Space or Equipment Rental or Lease

The UPST Contracts Team centrally manages and stores all executed contracts within the BuyWays Contracts Module (Total Contracts Manager - TCM) in support of the vision for an integrated technology platform to manage all procurement services.

Quick Reference Guide: Contracts Quick Reference Guide

  • Terms: Purchases that involve building maintenance or labor and materials construction contracts require prevailing wage rates and insurance. These types of contracts must be processed through the University’s physical plant, or facilities planning division, as appropriate, regardless of dollar amount. Such projects are strictly regulated by law. Violation is a criminal offense and carries personal liability. 
  • Examples: Janitorial Services, carpet installation, moving of University property, maintenance of grounds, heating, air conditioning, elevators, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, building repairs, building construction, etc.
  • Employees: Departments may not contract with a University employee, or with any business in which a University employee or their family has an interest.
  • Contract Agreement: Any agreement that meets or exceeds $50,000 requires a Contract for Services (CFS). Note that all contracts must be signed and attached or linked to the BuyWays requisition. For assistance in resolving disputes over contract terms and conditions between the department and the vendor, please contact the UPST.
    • Note that the Contract Start Date cannot precede the effective date of the contract.
  • Subcontracts: Account Codes 757270, 757271, and 757275 are exceptions to the use of the Contract for Service form. Subcontracts are associated with their own unique grant contract agreements. Questions concerning subcontract agreements should be referred to the respective grant accountant in the Controller’s Office.  
  • Employees: Contracts for Services may not be issued to University employees, or to any individual whom the IRS might consider to be an employee. Reimbursement to employees is inappropriate in these subsidiaries.
  • Prevailing Wage Rates and Insurance: Required for all trade labor at dollar one ($1) and up; for example, installation of carpet, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, etc.  
  • Change Orders: If the total value of the Contract for Services is equal to or greater than $10,000, a written amendment must be done that has been signed by all the original parties. If the change is to a purchase order for $10,000 or less that had no contract done, and if the change will make the total value of the purchase order total more than $10,000, contact UPST for guidance. If an increase would put the order in another dollar category that would require legal review, competitive quotes, or public bids, contact UPST for guidance.  

Please contact UPST for assistance with your Equipment or Software Maintenance agreement. 

Materials (goods) must be purchased through a BuyWays catalog if targeted goods are available. Where this condition cannot be met, the following should be followed:

  • Purchases less than or equal to $10,000: Department can use their best business judgment.
  • Purchases between $10,000.01 and $50,000: Must be purchased through an existing contract. Choose the most advantageous of three vendor quotes. Must be accompanied by a UPST-approved Sole Source/No Bid Justification form.
  • Purchases over $50,000: Must be purchased through an existing contract, must be competitively bid through the UPST, and must be accompanied by a UPST-approved Sole Source/No Bid Justification form. 
  • Rental Agreements: Contact UPST for assistance with your Rental or Lease agreement. Remember, only authorized signatories have the delegated responsibility for executing agreements on behalf of the University.
  • Financing for Equipment Lease-Purchase: Contact the UPST for instructions if your purchase requires outside financing. The process is not recommended for purchases valued at less than $100,000. Plan well in advance.
  • Employees: Departments may not contract with a University employee, or with any business owned by a University employee.  
  • Space Lease (754100): Requires legal assistance and might require Board of Trustee approval. Contact the UPST for assistance.
  • Equipment Rental/Lease: Contact the UPST for assistance.

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