Requisitions (Purchase Orders)

BuyWays is the online system for the purchase of goods and services within the University. This system supports both catalog (supplier punch-out) and non-catalog related purchases thereby driving preferred pricing, supplier discounts, and real-time status updates on requisitions, purchase orders, and approvals.

You are encouraged to make BuyWays your first stop when looking to purchase goods and services for use within the University.

Please note, that training is required for UMass employees with requisitioner or approver roles within BuyWays before access to the system can be granted.


Reference Guides:

Commodity Approval Reference Guide

Requisition to Purchase Order (Req2PO) Reference Guide

The University is tax-exempt under the doctrine of intergovernmental tax immunity. The University’s federal tax identification number is 04-3167352

For additional information regarding federal and state tax law as it relates to operations of the University, please visit the Treasurer's Office site.

Taxes UMass Pays:

  • Mass Sales Tax - Non-Employee reimbursement (individual)
  • Mass Meals Tax - Reimbursement to an Employee Only (Business Expense Form)
  • Out of State Sales/Meal Tax (unless the University has a reciprocal agreement)*
  • Hotel Tax - City tax, State tax, Town tax
  • Room Tax
  • Gasoline and Fuel Taxes
  • Airfare Tax

* If an out-of-state vendor charges us their state's sales tax and we have a reciprocal agreement with the state, we may be exempt. Please check with the Controller's Office for states that the University has obtained reciprocal agreements.

Taxes UMass Does NOT Pay:

  • Mass Sales Tax on goods - Vendor Payment (when using a university payment instrument) or Employee reimbursement only when an employee is in travel status
  • Mass Meals Tax - Vendor payment (when using a university payment instrument)
  • Mass State Excise Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Cell Phone Sales tax

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Knowledge Base has answers to the most frequently asked questions that asked by our constituents.

Requisition to Purchase Order FAQs