Catalog orders are created by using the supplier punchouts in BuyWays.

The Preferred Supplier punchouts are accessed by selecting the appropriate Purchasing Category on the Guided Buying Dashboard

Quote-to-Cart Process with Punchout Suppliers

Most of our punchout suppliers can upload quotes into the punchout. Retrieving a quote via punchout will allow the order to be processed as a catalog order which will save time, eliminate errors, and enables electronic invoicing.

When obtaining a quote for the following suppliers, please ask the REP to upload the quote to our punchout system: Agilent, Apple, B&H, BioRad, CDW-G, Dell, Fastenal, Fisher, FW Webb, GovConnection, Grainger, Home Depot, Illumina, Lowes, MSC, Qiagen, Sigma, USA Scientific, VWR and WEI.

FISHER SCIENTIFIC: Some Medical School locations will require users to default their location in their profile in order to retrieve a quote.

For the most part, all quotes are uploaded to the 049 UMASS account. 

Airgas Punchout Catalog

Apple's Return Process

Apple's official policy is that all sales are final, with a few exceptions. To inquire about a return, please reach out to Kevin Black at

If returns fall within certain guidelines, Kevin will assist with guiding buyers through the return process. 

UMass Molecular Biology Core Lab Portal 

WB Mason Employee Purchase Program 

Closing Punchout Orders

Punchout orders will automatically close out once the last invoice has been paid.  Any items that will not be fulfilled, please send a request to have PO closed.

Cancelled Items: Item was cancelled, please attach cancellation documentation to the PO and follow the Purchase Order Close Request Process job aid. 

Backordered ItemsIf items will eventually deliver, the purchase order should remain open. If not interested in the backordered item, cancel directly with vendor, attach cancellation documentation and send request to close out PO.

Having trouble connecting to a punchout?

  • Clear your cache, close out of browser, and try again
  • If this doesn’t work, try a different browser by clearing cache first
  • Make sure you are accepting 3rd party cookies
  • For WB Mason, type in URL:
  • Chrome & FireFox work best with the majority of our punchouts