Term/System Definition/Use
"Not Assigned"

On a voucher, this indicates that the invoice has been approved by Accounts Payable, but is sitting in workflow awaiting an approver.

"Not Ready for Matching"

On a voucher, this indicates that Accounts Payable has not yet reviewed and approved the invoice.

Account Code

Determines how an expense will be recorded in the General Ledger for reporting purposes. Account codes vary by campus and are handled by the campus controller's office or campus financial office.


How expenses are distributed or divided. In Concur, expenses are allocated between departments and individuals. 


Contract amendments are created when changes are required on an approved (executed) contract and the changes will affect the terms and conditions (dates, payment, and/or scope) of the contract.

Approval to Purchase (AtP)

For the President’s Office (UMPO) ONLY–To maintain budget controls and approval processes, the Approval to Purchase (AtP) form was created as the entry point for initiating or amending contracts for services and requisitions to purchase goods. The AtP form requires basic information about the need for the purchase, along with a justification statement as to the criticality of this purchase.

Attestation of Compliance

Documented evidence that a supplier has upheld security best practices to protect cardholder data. It is testimony that a supplier successfully demonstrated exceptional security best practices to secure cardholder data.

Auxiliary Approver

A person authorized by a campus delegation of authority (DOA) to review a transaction (contracts, etc.) before the DOA can approve.

Bank Card (ProCard)

A Visa credit card issued by US Bank. This is a 'one card' program that offers UMass and the cardholders flexibility to use a single card for both travel-related and supplies-related UMass expenses only. The Bank Card is a procurement tool that offers an alternative to UMass purchasing/payment processes for instances where the supplier does not accept a Purchase Order (PO), emergency purchases, and/or for UMass-related travel expenses (based on your applicable department approval). Also know as ProCard.


A competitive process used by the university to ensure the best overall value to the university. Potential suppliers interested in securing a contract can submit a bid in hopes of winning the contract. Note: the cost of acquisition, as well as other factors (such as the delivery time required, supplier diversity, and prior performance) may be considered.

Blanket Order

Used for service-related purchases or contracts for services, where multiple invoices of varying amounts are expected against the PO.

Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

A document that establishes a legally binding relationship between HIPAA-covered entities and business associates to ensure complete protection of PHI.

Business Purpose

For Supplier Requests: Used to capture the type of purchase/payment you want to make to the supplier you are inviting i.e., goods, honorarium, services, etc.

BuyWays (Jaggaer)

The purchasing system for UMass covering Requisitions, PO, Invoice Status Check, Bank Card Statement Upload, Contract Request, Supplier Registration, and Sourcing.

Certificate of Insurance (COI)

A statement of coverage issued by the company that insures a business.

Chartfield String

A series of numbers that gives relevant financial accounting information when placing an order. Used to identify the funding source (Campus, Department ID, Program code, Project grant, etc.).

Commodity Code

A code that helps categorize what a good or service is/does. Set by the individual campuses and handled by the campus controller's office or campus financial office.

Competitive Procurement

A procurement process to procure goods and services from suppliers who offer the best value for money. Examples of competitive procurement include issuing a bid or soliciting quotes from multiple suppliers.

Concur Approvals

A module within Concur used to approve authorization requests (expense exceptions, expense prior approvals, and pre-travel authorization) or expense reports. 

Concur Expense

A module within Concur used to report expenses. Used for: Creating and submitting expense reports, Out-of-pocket & bank card transactions.

Concur Request

A module within Concur used to create requests. Used for: Expense exceptions, expense prior approval, pre-travel authorization. 

Concur Travel

A module within Concur used to book travel. 


An agreement between one or more suppliers and UMass. The terms of the agreement outline very specific goals and requirements for goods and/or services to be provided by the supplier to the UMass.

Contract for Service (CFS)

An agreement between UMass and a supplier where UMass agrees to pay the individual or entity for services to be provided.

Contract Party

The participants of a contract, designated as the first party (UMass) and second party (the Supplier) for the contract on UMass.