Invoice Submission Process

  • Step

    A Purchase Order is first created by the department at UMass

  • Step

    The invoice is submitted to with the PO number included 

  • Step

    The invoice is processed and vouchered against the PO by the AP team 

  • Step

    The invoice status moves from "in progress" to "payable" as it progresses through the approval steps 

  • Step

    The invoice is paid via the preferred payment method when it is due 

The University primarily makes payments against approved and encumbered Purchase Orders (POs) within established time limits. The Direct Payment voucher form is another means of payment processing that can be used only when certain conditions are met.

Our AP Team focuses on the timely audit and processing of all invoices in compliance with appropriate rules and regulations. Manual checks and Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT/ACH) to suppliers/payees are disbursed several times per week by the University Treasurer's Office.

Important Guidelines

Check Payment Status

Need to check the status of a payment? You can do so quickly and easily using the check payment status tool!

AP Pay Cycle Calendar

The University Treasurer’s Office is responsible for a variety of functions associated with payment processing to vendors, students, and employees. Payments are processed according to the AP Pay Cycle Criteria and Calendar.  Payment methods include: 

  • Check 
  • ACH (Paymode-X) 
  • VISA credit card (ePayables).

Use of University Funds

All funds, regardless of the source or the manner in which they are acquired, are considered to be University Funds. All University employees should exercise their fiduciary responsibility in a manner consistent with the confidence and trust granted to them by the Board of Trustees in the disbursement of these funds. The President and Chancellors are responsible for the overall fiscal integrity of the University. Fund expenditures must meet University and campus guidelines and criteria in accordance with the University policy for management of University funds

The University Procurement Policy governs the procurement of all goods, materials, commodities, and services by the University. Purchasing and Procurement policies vary by campus.

Late Fees

As a general rule, UMass does not pay late fees and Accounts Payable will not process one. However, per the State Comptroller if the vendor wants late fee payment they must compute the late fee based on Mass General Law - M.G.L. c.29, s.29...C815 CMR 4.00.

Job Aids & Resources

Direct Payment Categories

A list of categories/items that can be submitted through a direct payment form. 

Direct Payment Process

Demonstrates how to submit a direct payment form in BuyWays.

Invoice Processing Reference Guide

Answers commonly asked questions regarding invoicing, receipts, and match exception.

UMass Payment Methods and Terms

The UMass supplier payment options offers suppliers more favorable payment terms when utilizing the University's preferred payment solutions.  To learn more about the payment options, please visit the UMass Disbursement Strategy.