Suppliers (Doing Business With UMass)

The University of Massachusetts uses eSourcing platforms to manage all bid opportunities. We encourage you to review the points below as you conduct business with the University:

  • Bid documents may be posted on any of these eSourcing platforms: UMass Sourcing Portal or Biddocs Online., and they represent the official sources of information for all UMass bids.
  • Submitting bids via the eSourcing platforms is mandatory. No hard copies will be accepted.
  • Bid submissions and registration are free of charge. 
  • Deadlines are strictly enforced. Any bid that is not received on time will not be considered.
  • If you need UMass Sourcing Portal technical assistance, please contact Jaggaer customer support or by phone at 1-800-233-1121. If you have additional questions regarding UPST processes and activities, submit a request form.

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements for Suppliers, Contractors, and Visitors: This communication informs suppliers and partners of the updated guidelines regarding the vaccination requirements for our campus locations. See campus-specific requirements below:

General COVID-19 Communication to 3rd Parties:

COVID-19 Communication to UMass Suppliers and PartnersThis communication informs suppliers and partners of the general UMass COVID-19 requirements that our partners and suppliers need to abide with. The communication complements any campus-specific requirements that may exist. For additional information on UPST and campus COVID requirements, access our For Supplier FAQ page.

The Unified Procurement Services Team (UPST) is the centralized procurement and accounts payable function within the University of Massachusetts (UMass) system. As the procurement function that support UMass as it continues to maintain its position as the top public university in New England, our priority is to cultivate and maintain supplier relationships that help us meet our commitment of ‘better, faster and cheaper’ to our constituents. We believe that the quality of our supplier base and relationships have a direct impact on the quality of good and services offered to our constituents across all our campuses. In addition, we are guided by the "best-value" policy, which specifically states: "The University shall obtain all goods and services covered by this policy at the best overall value to the University as is consistent with the quantity, quality, durability, availability, serviceability, and other factors affecting service and use as required by the using department of the University."

To learn more about our supplier program, we encourage you to review our FAQ page or complete and submit this request form.

The UMass supplier payment options offers suppliers more favorable payment terms when utilizing the University's preferred payment solutions. For more information about the payment options below, please visit the Treasurer's office Disbursement Strategy page. 

To learn more about the below payment options, please visit the UMass Disbursement Strategy

Preferred Payment Options (Domestic Suppliers):

Payment Options Description Payment Terms Individuals Entities Resources
Virtual Payables Card

Virtual Payables is an electronic supplier payment solution offered in conjunction with Bank of America. 

credit card processing fees apply
Net 15 Yes Yes Bank of America Virtual Payables Program
Paymode-X Premium

Offered by Bank of America Merrill Lynch to replace paper checks and other traditional electronic payments. 

1.5%  network fee

Net 20

No Yes

Paymode-X Benefits

Zelle - Available to New Suppliers in 2022 TBD TBD Yes No TBD


Other Payment Options (Domestic & Foreign Suppliers):

Payment Options Description Payment Terms Individuals Entities Foreign Resources
Paymode-X Standard

Offered by Bank of America Merrill Lynch to replace paper checks and other traditional electronic payments. 

No associated transaction fee

Net 45

No Yes No

Paymode-X Benefits

Checks A written, dated, and signed instrument that contains an order directing a bank to pay a definite sum of money to a payee.  Net 60 Yes Yes Yes  
Foreign Wires

A wire transfer is an electronic payment service for transferring funds by wire, for example through SWIFT, the Federal Reserve Wire Network or the Clearing House Interbank Payments System.

Net 45 No No Yes  



Payment Status

The University processes disbursements on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If it has been longer than 30 days since an invoice was submitted with a valid Purchase Order number or if you believe the payment is late based on the terms of the agreement, submit an inquiry form.

The Unified Procurement Services Team (UPST) will like to alert our supplier community of an ongoing fraudulent scheme targeted at suppliers of higher education institutions across the country, including the UMass System. We encourage all our suppliers to reach out to UPST to verify any purchase order request that the supplier may believe is suspicious.

Fraudulent purchase order emails may have one or more of these common characteristics:

  • involves fraudulent/fake purchase orders, or fake requests for quotes, that claim to originate from the UMass System.
  • use legitimate UMass addresses when placing the order, but change the ship-to address after placing the order to a non-UMass address.
  • spoof of a UMass email account. The UMass System email address ends with a .edu and never a .net, .org, or .com.
  • impersonation of a UMass employee that holds purchasing authority, by using a defunct email address.
  • messages that include an attachment designed to look like a UMass purchase order, may include a logo or other graphic, and a signature that may look legitimate

While we cannot prevent this illegal activity, we want to promote awareness and communicate the necessity of verifying requests.

Note the following when transacting with the UMass System:

  • Only UPST’s procurement team is authorized to issue a purchase order on behalf of the UMass system. 
  • UPST’s procurement team utilized an e-procurement platform to issue Purchase Orders. PO’s issued from UMass will come from
  • If you receive a purchase order by email, please alert your staff to hover over the address to ensure that it was sent from this address and from a person listed on the UPST staff page.

If you believe you have received a fraudulent email that appears to be from the UMass System, you should forward it to our procurement team at or call us at 774-545-UPST (8778) to authenticate before fulfilling the order or responding to that email.

The UMass System values its relationship and partnership with our supplier community. We keep escalating these fraudulent activities to the appropriate authorities when we are made aware of it and support ongoing investigations as needed. 

    For existing, registered suppliers only: 

    If you need to edit your UMass Supplier Portal Profile then log into the record and make changes. You can use the link provided to log into the UMass Supplier Portal with the username and password created when registration was completed.

    Catalog suppliers, colleges & universities, hospitals, cities & towns are internally managed by UPST. These suppliers do not edit their own profiles in the UMass Supplier Portal. If an update is required please reach out to the individual that you are working with and have them submit the supplier request to UPST.

    The UPST is driving the expansion of the UMass Supplier Diversity Program. Our goal is to ensure alignment of our supplier diversity activities with the overall University of Massachusetts System diversity goals. As UMass has the most diverse public university in all of New England as part of its system, our goal is to ensure that our supplier base is a reflection of this.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our Knowledge Base has answers to the most frequently asked questions that asked by our constituents.

    FAQs for Suppliers