Departments & Staff

Leadership Team

Name/TitleContact Information
David Cho
Chief Procurement Officer
Jillian Warren
Executive Assistant
Brian Girard
Director, Procurement Operations
Mike Durkin
Director, Strategic Sourcing
Amanda Onwuka
Director, Service and Quality
Anne Zuev
Manager, Special Projects

Procurement Operations

Our Procurement Operations team handle requisitions, purchase order, Bank Card, accounts payable (payment/invoice) travel & expense processing, and supplier management (diversity, registration, and risk) for the UMass system and our suppliers.

Rob Hyde, Senior Accounts Payable Manager
Lynne Ferrell, Accounts Payable Manager 
Amanda Gordon, Accounts Payable Supervisor
Kendra Sheppard, Senior Accounts Payable Clerk
Paula Cassanelli, Accounts Payable Clerk
Barbara Norton, Accounts Payable Clerk
Gayle Johnson, Accounts Payable Clerk
Jacqueline Quinlan, Accounts Payable Clerk
Ashley Tejada, Accounts Payable Clerk
Nicole Hatch, Accounts Payable Clerk
Aubrey Gauthier, Accounts Payable Clerk


Kelsey McCauley, Procurement & Bank Card Program Manager
Deb Fisher, Procurement Operations Specialist
Caitlyn Riedle, Procurement Operations Specialist
Gene Wong, Procurement Operations Specialist
Liane Hatch, Bank Card Program Specialist
Danielle Young, Bank Card Program Specialist
Debra Hight, Procurement & Bank Card Program Specialist
Christine Escobedo, Supplier Relationship Manager
Zach Gull, Supplier Relationship Specialist
Cheryl Lavallee, Supplier Relationship Specialist

Strategic Sourcing 

This team supports the system with bid execution (sourcing) and contract development.

John Healey, Contracts & Strategic Sourcing Manager
Susan Cone, Senior Contract Specialist
Elisha Alt, Contract Specialist
Pam Giordano, Contract Specialist
Carrie Clifton, Contract Specialist
Christopher England, Contract Specialist 
Don Joubert, Contract Specialist Consultant
Alex Therkelsen, Category Manager
Bill Mannix, Category Manager
Daniel Kouns, Category Manager
Michael Boyle, Category Manager
Jill Lemire, Senior Strategic Sourcing Specialist
Eden Medaglia, Strategic Sourcing Specialist
Evanthia Tully, Strategic Sourcing Specialist
Kimberly Mailloux, Strategic Sourcing Specialist
Toby Lau, Strategic Sourcing Specialist

Service and Quality

The Service & Quality team supports the system with business associates, data & analytics, procurement technology, training & communication services as it relates to procurement and accounts payable processes.

Maria McKinney, Senior Business Associate
Garret Oliver, Business Associate
Jazmine Belkin, Business Associate
Cyril Wittorff, Business Associate
Rebecca Bonczyk, Business Associate
Anatoly Puno, Consultant
Neha Ajgaonkar, Senior Data Analyst
Akshit Mehta, Business and Data Analyst
Disha Sengar, Data Analyst
Claudia Cortes, Training and Communications Manager
Ashley Hunter, Senior Training & Communications Specialist


We are extremely proud of our internship program, which provides students from UMass campuses a way to learn hands-on business skills within all corners of UMass Procurement.

Abhishek Cholkar, Data Analytics Intern
Alexandra Holmes, Business Associate Intern 
Avery Knott, Communications Intern
Dalenchy Metellus, Business Associate Intern
Het Patel, Business Associate Intern
Neeraj Kestikars, Procurement Operations Intern
Riya Mehta, Business Associate Intern
Shubh Patel, Procurement Operations Intern

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