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Leadership Team

Name/Title Contact Information
David Cho
Chief Procurement Officer
Jillian Warren
Executive Assistant
Brian Girard
Director, Procurement Operations
Mike Durkin
Director, Strategic Sourcing
Amanda Onwuka
Director, Service and Quality

Procurement Operations

Our Procurement Operations team handle requisitions, purchase order, Bank Card, accounts payable (payment/invoice) and travel & expense processing for the UMass system and our suppliers.

Name/Title Phone
Anna Zuev, Operations Process Improvement Manager 413-545-1434
Name/Title Phone
Lynne Ferrell, Accounts Payable Manager  774-455-8764
Amanda Gordon, Accounts Payable Supervisor 774-455-8772 
Irma Silva, Accounts Payable Clerk 978-934-3516 
Kendra Davis, Accounts Payable Clerk 774-455-8790 
Debra Hight, Accounts Payable Clerk 774-455-8774 
Heather Lourie, Accounts Payable Clerk 774-455-8785
Paula Cassanelli, Accounts Payable Clerk 774-455-7526
Juanita McKenzie, Accounts Payable Clerk 978-934-3237
Barbara Norton, Accounts Payable Clerk 617-287-5281
Gayle Johnson, Accounts Payable Clerk 413-545-1547
Jacqueline Quinlan, Accounts Payable Clerk 774-455-8782
Name/Title Phone
Rob Hyde, Travel and Expense Manager 774-455-8775
Wanda Alston, Travel and Expense Specialist 617-281-5124
Lori McKiel, Travel and Expense Specialist 978-934-4727
Name/Title Phone
BonnieAnne Mathias, Procurement Manager 774-455-8776
Deb Fisher, Procurement Specialist 774-455-8765
Christine Escobedo, Procurement Specialist 774-455-8763
Michael Duquette, Procurement Specialist 774-455-8781
Carol Thurlow, Procurement Specialist 413-545-0364
Angel Falcon, Bank Card Specialist 413-545-1429
Liane Hatch, Bank Card Specialist 774-455-8766

Strategic Sourcing & Supplier Management

This team supports the system with bid execution (sourcing), contract development, and supplier management (diversity, registration, and risk) processes.

Name/Title Phone
John Healey, Contracts Manager 774-455-8789
Elisha Alt, Contract Specialist 774-455-8777
Susan Cone, Contract Specialist 774-455-8771
Pam Giordano, Contract Specialist 774-455-7864
Name/Title Phone
Charles Kotecki, Strategic Sourcing Specialist 508-523-7529
Eden Medaglia, Strategic Sourcing Specialist 508-523-7555
Jill Lemire, Strategic Sourcing Specialist 774-455-8780
John Almeida, Strategic Sourcing Specialist 774-275-7294
Kalena Wheeler, Strategic Sourcing Specialist  
Michael Boyle, Category Manager 774-455-8770
Jim Novello, Category Manager 774-455-8761
Bill Mannix, Category Manager  
Name/Title Phone
Brian Melanson, Supplier Relationship Manager 774-455-8769
Jan Kozloski, Supplier Relationship Specialist 413-545-3341

Service and Quality

The Service & Quality team supports the system with customer services, data & analytics, procurement technology, training & communication services as it relates to procurement and accounts payable processes.

Name/Title Phone
Michael McGovern, Customer Service Associate 774-455-8793
Caitlyn Millett, Customer Service Associate 774-455-8788
Maria McKinney, Customer Service Associate 774-455-5555
Name/Title Phone
Mike Rizk, Procurement System Specialist 774-455-8768
Neha Ajgaonkar, Data Analyst 774-455-8794
Name/Title Phone
Claudia Cortes, Training and Communications Manager 508-523-7628
Ashley Hunter, Training & Communications Specialist  

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