The University reimburses employees for all necessary and reasonable travel expenses incurred for authorized University business. A traveler on University-related business has the responsibility to act prudently and incur expenses that are necessary, appropriate, and reasonable. Employees cannot be reimbursed for any travel expenses prior to the actual travel.

Resources related to Concur can be found on the Concur Resource Library page. Bank Cards are managed by UPST and resource related to Bank Cards can be found under the Bank Card section of the Resources (Forms and Job Aids) section of the UPST site.

Note:  If the paperwork is submitted more than 120 days after the travel occurred, the reimbursement will be taxed as income because it is added to your W-2 at the end of the year.

Travel Expenses Process Overview

Process/ActivityCurrent SystemFuture System
Pre-Travel AuthorizationTerra DottaConcur (Request)
Pre-Travel Authorization - Dartmouth and President's OfficePeopleSoftConcur (Request)
Pre-Travel Authorization - Lowell AthleticsARMSARMS & Concur (Request)
Travel RegistrationTerra DottaHX Sentinel
Expense Reporting (Travel and Business Expenses)PeopleSoftConcur (Expense)
Bank Card ReconciliationBuyWaysConcur (Expense)
Travel BookingEgencia, The Travel Collaborative, or other (non-UMass agency)Concur (Travel), The Travel Collaborative, or other (non-UMass agency)

Travel Expenses

Both US Bank Card and out of pocket expenses are reviewed and approved by supervisors in Concur via electronic workflow approval. 

Bank Card transactions and approvals are integrated into Concur, replacing the existing practice of utilizing BuyWays. When creating an expense report for a trip, the expense report submitter will be able to select bank card transactions to "drop in" to the trip's expense report. This will allow for differentiation between non-travel and travel expenses. 

Bank Card transactions will be paid on the current settlement schedule with US Bank.  Bank Card transactions should be reconciled in Concur within 30 days of the transaction.

For more information on Bank Cards, please visit the Bank Card Program page.

If you are seeking reimbursement for a Bank Card or out of pocket expenditure with a missing receipt, please fill out a Missing Receipt Form in Concur. For more information on Bank Cards, please visit the Bank Card Program page.

Concur utilizes a Google Maps-based mileage calculator that expense report submitters utilizes when creating an expense report. Additional resources can be found on the Concur Resource Library page.

Concur Travel & Expense Support

There are 3 ways to get T&E support as listed below:

  1. Submit a support request online to create a case by the types listed:
    1. Concur Request
    2. Concur Expense
    3. Concur Travel
    4. Concur System Access
  2. Email to create a case
  3. Call the Concur Hotline at (774)570-5507. Live phone support M-F from 9-4.