Resources for President's Office Managers

The following payroll resources are intended to assist all President’s Office employees who supervise staff and student workers. Managers have several payroll-related responsibilities, including timesheet approvals, travel authorizations, and approval of expense reports and reimbursements.

You will approve timesheets for all hourly employees in HR Direct. Human Resources provides step-by-step user guides for reporting and approving time:

In some situations, you may also need to access our data and reporting system (Summit) for timesheet processing. The university requires managers to approve time for their staff in HR Direct every week. When approvals are not completed on time, the system will “batch approve” the time to ensure that it meets payroll processing deadlines. As a manager, you will receive an email with a link to the batch-approved time in Summit. You must review this report for accuracy and approve it in Summit, following the steps outlined in the System Approved Time Report user guide.

The University reimburses employees for all necessary and reasonable travel expenses incurred for authorized University business. For more information about booking and paying for business travel, see UPST’s travel overview and employee travel guides. To get help with travel, contact the UPST directly.

There are a few types of pay approvals that happen outside of HR Direct and require additional steps. The forms are linked below, but we encourage you to contact the University Payroll Office with any questions about when and how to use them.

Resources for Campus Managers

Please visit your campus-specific site for training materials.

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