Sprintax Calculus

Step-by-Step Training Manual

Here is a guide to help you complete your Sprintax Calculus profile: Sprintax Calculus UMass User Training Manual. Please take a minute to review this manual/tutorial before you start, as it will make it much easier for you to navigate through this process and answer frequently asked questions. 

Accessing 1042-S Training Manual

Accessing 1042-S Job Aid - you have activated Sprintax Calculus before

Accessing 1042-S Job Aid - you have never activated Sprintax Calculus

New Calendar Year Update Profile Training Manual

Calculus User Training Manual New Calendar Year Update Profile.pdf

Tax Treaty Renewal Training Manual

Calculus User Treaty Renewal Training Video.mp4

Calculus User Training Manual UMass Treaty Renewal.pdf

Accessing Sprintax

You should receive an email to your @umassxxx.edu email from noreply@sprintax.com titled “University of Massachusetts - Welcome to Sprintax Calculus”. This email will be sent to a personal email account only if we do not have a UMassxxx.edu email account for you. 

If you do not receive the activation email, you can request a new login link here: https://calculus.sprintax.com/forgotten-password/ and enter your email. Please check your junk or spam folder or in “all mail” if you use a focused inbox. 

This email will not be spam or phishing, but rather a legitimate email providing instructions for logging into Sprintax Calculus and completing an updated tax questionnaire. 


Please complete your UMass Sprintax Calculus profile as soon as possible.

UMass Training Videos

How do I sign into Sprintax Calculus?

Why can't I sign into Sprintax Calculus?

How do I answer 'When did you first enter the U.S.'?

How do I add rows of visits to the U.S.?

Sprintax Calculus also has training videos and resources on completing your profile: Foreign National Questionnaire/Knowledge Base Training Videos, Sprintax YouTube videos, Sprintax User MFA Guide, Sprintax User FAQs

What is Sprintax Calculus?

UMass is transitioning away from GLACIER Online Tax system to a new tax software platform known as Sprintax Calculus.

UMass is officially live in Sprintax Calculus as of September 20, 2023, and you will use Sprintax Calculus for all future updates regarding your travel dates and other tax changes. We recommend that you do not use your GLACIER online tax profile any longer as it may result in you being taxed incorrectly.

Sprintax Calculus will help you:

  • Determine residency for tax purposes
  • Tax treaty eligibility, and
  • Produce the tax forms applicable to your case, based on the information you enter

Most of the documents produced such as Form W-8BEN, Form 8233, Form W-4, and Form W-9 should generally be signed and provided to UMass prior to us arranging your first payment. 

Yes, every user must populate their new Sprintax Calculus record with up-to-date information.

Some basic information may be pre-populated into the system, but you will be asked to re-enter certain information to ensure accuracy. Pre-populated information could include:

  • Country of citizenship and residency, as well as permanent foreign address
    • Please verify that these are correct and up-to-date

Prior dates of presence in the U.S. WILL NOT BE brought over for purposes of the Substantial Presence Test and determining U.S. tax residency. You must input these dates.

There are several benefits to this new product which include: 

  • Electronic signature
  • Secure method for paperless transmission of sensitive tax information
  • More efficient process for analysis and determination of employee tax status
  • Direct integration with Sprintax Tax Preparation software to facilitate NRA tax filing

Sprintax Calculus has been designed to help UMass, who makes taxable payments to you, correctly determine the correct amount of tax subject to withholding from such payments. The determination is made based on the information provided by you in your Sprintax Calculus profile.