The Executive Recruitment Firm Program empowers departments with a rich selection of firms to tap into when seeking exceptional talent for executive and leadership roles.

User Guide

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The Executive Recruitment Firm User Guide outlines each of the firms and their offerings as well as some frequently asked questions. Please reach out to your Campus HR department or UPST ( for any questions about the program.

Project Overview

The program is a result of a collaborative effort between Campus, UMPO HR leaders, and UPST. The team has skillfully negotiated favorable contract terms, ensuring a win-win scenario for both the University and these esteemed firms.

The roster of firms includes local, national, Forbes Top 20, and niche/specialty firms and highlights supplier diversity through WBE, SBE, and other diverse groups.

End User Benefits

  • Efficiency
    • Speed to contract: < 2 weeks, including Quote & Proposal Process
    • Standardized SOW template
    • Dedicated account representatives
  • Pricing & Terms and Conditions
    • Savings: Improved fee structures, reduced indirect costs, lower rates and an established a competitive quote & proposal process
    • Improved Contractual Terms & Increased Services
    • UMass friendly Payment Terms & Performance Guarantees
  • Diversity 
    • Increased Diversity in Vendor Pool
    • Added Diversity Reporting on candidate pools

Information Hub

The Information Hub page features valuable information relating to the Executive Recruitment Firm program including: 

  • Firm Info Sheets
  • Firm Rate Sheets
  • Customized Statement of Work (SOW) Template and more

Please note that this page is behind a firewall, and you will need to log in using your UMass credentials. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can non-HR departments use this program? 

Yes! The Executive Recruitment Firm program is open to all departments searching for executive, senior, and hard-to-fill positions. Please consult with your Campus HR department. 

How does the program work?

How you use the program and costs depend on the first-year compensation for the candidate(s). Please follow the steps listed on pages 6 – 8 of the User Guide depending on the compensation. 

The firm I want to use is not on this list, can I still use them?

No, the University Procurement Policy requires competitive procurement for any service over $50K. Compliance with this policy is required.

Who can I contact for more information?

We always encourage departments to work with their campus HR departments directly (see next page for your campus HR representative). 
For questions on a specific contract, please reach out to UPST at


To see a full list of FAQs, please visit pages 17 - 18 in the Executive Recruitment Firm User Guide.