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KANSAS CITY, Mo. AND SHREWSBURY, Mass., Sept. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- SupplyLogic, a leading technology-enabled Managed Services Provider, announced a partnership with the University of Massachusetts' Unified Procurement Services Team (UPST) to optimize marketing execution, while allowing each campus to retain its unique brand promise. Operating as an extension of the University's marketing and procurement teams, SupplyLogic will integrate proprietary technology, manage a mostly Massachusetts-based supplier panel, encourage visibility to diverse suppliers within the category, provide transparent and actionable data, while maintaining the University's state bidding requirements.

"The UPST mission of 'better, faster, cheaper' is being operationalized through our partnership with SupplyLogic. This partnership modernizes the way we buy very commoditized products and services at scale through an intuitive platform emulating a B2C commerce 'Amazon-like' experience but tailored for complex B2B procurement. This platform includes a tried and tested supplier panel who are motivated to put their best value proposition forward to compete for our business. The managed services platform offers UMass expertise in category procurement and marketing execution which has a downstream benefit of increased visibility, spend control, risk mitigation and process improvement. Another benefit to us is availability of data that enables my constituents to make educated decisions that match who we buy from with our social values. Badges are even provided per supplier that represent business attributes important to us, such as supplier diversity certification (i.e.  M/WBE) and localizing suppliers to each campus. When this innovative platform is fully operationalized, I expect UMass will harvest cost benefits naturally while easing administrative friction and burden - making life easier for my team and all UMass constituents," said David Cho, CPO, UPST, The University of Massachusetts System.

"SupplyLogic is aligned to the University's mission to transform procurement operations into a 'better, faster, cheaper' model leveraging automation and third-party expertise, allowing their resources to focus on being the best University system it can be. Our platform was specifically designed for innovative organizations such as UMass and forward-thinking leaders like David Cho. His Unified Procurement Services Team (UPST) is taking big steps to be a leader in their segment through transformative, strategic, and community-focused initiatives. We are proud to support UMass in delivering on their mission," said Phil Schoonmaker, CEO, SupplyLogic.

About Unified Procurement Services Team (UPST)
The UPST is the procurement and accounts payable services provider to the University of Massachusetts system and its partner and supplier community. Our team of professionals is tasked with providing high-quality services while driving transaction efficiency. We support the campuses in cost optimization through proactive commodity sourcing and contracting with innovative suppliers and partners that support UPST in delivering on our "better, faster and cheaper" mission. The team manages about $1 billion in third-party spend annually and approximately 17,000+ suppliers and partners. The UPST can only manage this through leveraging optimized technology, data-driven business intelligence, training, and enhanced operational processes. For more information about UPST, follow them on LinkedIn UPST on LinkedIn

About UMass  
The University of Massachusetts is a world-class public research university committed to advancing knowledge and transforming lives. Through its world-class educational programs, ground-breaking research enterprise, and its impactful community service and industry engagement activities, UMass harnesses the revolutionary spirit of Massachusetts to deliver an unparalleled student experience, visit UMass Website

About SupplyLogic
SupplyLogic is a leading Managed Services Provider, specializing in the management of printed materials and branded merchandise for many of the most complex and innovative organizations. For more information about SupplyLogic follow them on LinkedIn or visit