Purchasing & Payment Services

With the success of the IT VAR initiative that the campuses came together as one to rationalize our supplier base and consolidating our spend with 4 strategic IT VARs. For Print Services we are taking this partnership across the campuses to a new level! 

We are partnering with SupplyLogic, a leading managed services provider, specializing in the management of printed materials and branded merchandise for many of the world’s most complex and innovate organizations, to optimize how UMass purchases branded or printed merchandise. The UMass – SupplyLogic partnership is an extension of the work being done by the campus marketing and procurement teams. The model allows UMass to focus on our strategic, high-value activities, while leveraging a specialized partner to manage the execution of those strategies.  

This partnership with SupplyLogic bears multiple benefits to the system: 

  • contractually guaranteed cost savings (we are targeting 20%),  

  • integration of BuyWays with leading technology that increases speed to market and automated complex billing processes for UMass 

  • leverage as a means to drive the UMass supplier diversity goals by highlighting diverse suppliers that are able to provide the print services based on your order requirements 

  • in general, inclusion of favored local suppliers within our mutually agreed supplier panel, ensuring that existing suppliers that campuses have historically done business with are managed effectively while ensuring competitive pricing 

  • Finally, centralized print and branded merchandise category expertise that can be leveraged by UMass to manage our specialized processes 

We are adopting a phased approach in piloting this partnership across the system. This project is being kicked off with UMass Medical School and UMass Dartmouth with the goal of onboarding other campuses at a future date.