UPST Updates

As UPST continues to mature, our focus on providing a “better, faster, cheaper” procurement service experience is being taken to the next level through our partnership with SupplyLogic. To drive better cost benefits and efficiency in the Marketing and Print Services spend category, we will be leveraging SupplyLogic’s technology platform that will build a UMass-specific, competitive marketplace where 100’s of print suppliers will compete for our business, and where UMass department- buyers can view catalogues that present pricing adjustments real time as folks configure print deliverables. Departments are even able to obtain visibility into the print market players who are tagged as local or diverse suppliers.

We are surely moving progressively in this partnership with UMass Dartmouth as the 1st campus to be on-boarded to the SupplyLogic’s platform. The campus just closed their internal print shop operation and the location has been converted to the Advanced Sculpture studio – another example of doing more for less and redeploying resources (in this case – building space) for more direct student activity.

View the press release announcing the partnership details the benefits to all the partners!