Print Service Optimization

Operating as an extension of the University's marketing and procurement teams, SupplyLogic will integrate proprietary technology, manage a mostly Massachusetts-based supplier panel, encourage visibility to diverse suppliers within the category, provide transparent and actionable data, while maintaining the University's state bidding requirements.

Project Objectives & Benefits: 

  • Contractually guaranteed cost savings – SupplyLogic aggregate spend in the supplier marketplace is $200M annually and growing. This allows us to get significantly better pricing than our clients can on their own​

  • Brand Control – We plan to implement best-in-class processes around supplier onboarding, quality control, and digital asset management of artwork and regulatory copy. Our goal is to provide the UMass enterprise with one optimized standard, while still maintaining each campus’s unique brand promise​

  • Local Suppliers – Our solution for UMass accounts for the valued local supplier relationships that are integral to your ecosystem. These preferred suppliers will be in the future state supplier panel and will benefit from having access to SupplyLogic’s broader enterprise spend​

  • Category expertise – Print and branded merchandise are complex categories that require specialized processes, expertise and experience. We have 92 clients across several industries and have a 100% client retention rate

    • Ease of Purchasing – Just like other catalog vendors, SupplyLogic will have a direct portal within BuyWays that will allow campuses to click and customize their marketing items. 
    • Faster – Campuses will be able to go directly to the SupplyLogic portal to put in their order request which in turn will make the product turn around faster.
    • Cost Competitive – Once a campus has customized their marketing product, SupplyLogic will send it out their vast number of suppliers in Massachusetts and across the United States to provide quotes for the project. Campuses will then have the opportunity to review quotes and choose the best over value (price, delivery time, etc.).

Deployment Process & Statuses

Amherst is in the process of an initial Pilot Program with heavy users of print services. The pilot program will run until the end of May. 

Boston has not yet been deployed. 

Chan Medical is in the process of deployment. The BuyWays portal is currently in development. 

Dartmouth is currently in the process of an initial Pilot Program with heavy users of print services.The pilot program will run until the end of May. 

The BuyWays portal/punchout catalog has been launched with initial stationary items such as business cards, envelopes, and letterheads. 

Lowell has not yet been deployed.