BuyWays Release 2.0: Streamline Procurement Contracts Process

The new Procurement Contracts Process is now LIVE! Check out trainings and resources below.

The importance of an efficient, transparent, and effective contract process cannot be over-emphasized as it powers our daily transactions with our suppliers and partners. All hands are on deck to reimplement this process and supporting technology in the Streamline Procurement Contracts Project. 

Currently, there are contracting process activities that take place outside of the BuyWays Contracts Module, Total Contract Management (TCM), with some campuses maintaining their own templates, or process elements even after the formation of UPST.  In addition to this, the existing contract request form is not integrated with the TCM module, with existing functionalities not optimized when it was deployed by UMass 5-10 years ago.

  • Develop a standardized and streamlined procurement contract process
  • Improve contract data collected in BuyWays Total Contract Manager (TCM) to facilitate Contract, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), & Supplier Risk functions
  • Expand ability to proactively address cost management opportunities
  • One system, BuyWays, for end-to-end process (added Legal, IT, Budget, etc.)
  • Workflow enabled (minimal need for manual approval routing)
  • Proactive notifications as request/contract moves from phase to phase
  • DocuSign for PI/PI Delegate Approval capture (Amherst, Boston, Chan Medical School)
  • Self-service focused:
    • Contract Requester Dashboard (visibility into status, expiry, etc.)
    • Visibility into Contract Review Status (OGC/Legal, IT (InfoSec), etc.)
  • No more sending requests to UPST case management (Salesforce)
  • Contract Approval on the go! (mobile app, email or BuyWays)


Job Aids and Resources

Job Aid/Resource Purpose
Request a Contract Learn about the contract request process from beginning to end.
Contract Reference Guide A quick reference guide outlining the contract process and procurement requirements. 
Contract Request Questions A list of basic questions pulled from the contract request form. This may be helpful for those who are not directly involved in the contract but are charged with creating and handling the request.
BuyWays Notifications Access and edit your BuyWays notifications to ensure you are receiving all information related to your request and contract. 
Contract Glossary Review common terms related to contracts.
PI DocuSign Form (Boston & Chan Medical Only) Boston & Chan Medical requesters, if you are creating a contract for a grant, please ensure you upload the approved DocuSign form from the Principal Investigator (PI). 
Campuses Week of January 10th Week of January 17th Week of January 24th Week of January 31st


January 12th January 18th January 25th February 3rd


January 13th January 18th January 25th  February 1st 

Training Presentations:

Job Aid/Resource Purpose
Request & Contract Approval Outlines how to approve a request and a contract.
Contract Reviewer Access a contract to review the risk questionnaire. - Internal Reviewers Only
BuyWays Notifications Access and edit your BuyWays notifications to ensure you are receiving all information related to your request and contract.
BuyWays Email Approval Set-Up Set up your email approval access in BuyWays. - Contract Approvers Only
BuyWays Email Approval Approve contracts directly from your email. - Contract Approvers Only
BuyWays Mobile App Set-Up Set up your mobile app approval access in BuyWays. - Contract Approvers Only
BuyWays Mobile Approval Approve contracts directly from the mobile app. - Contract Approvers Only
Week of January 17th Week of January 24th  Week of January 31st
January 20th    

Approver Training Presentation

Deployment Training

Deployment training for contract requesters from January 12th - February 4th has been completed. We are now moving into a stabilization period. 

Stabilization training will be as follows:



Deployment training for contract approvers from January 18th - February 3rd has been completed. We are now moving into a stabilization period. 

Stabilization training will be as follows:

Coffee with UPST

Join us for our February edition of Coffee with UPST!

Thursday, February 24, 2022; 10:00 am- 11:00 am

Friday, February 25, 2022; 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm 

This session with the Contracts team will be cover when and how to use each of the updated Statement of Work templates:

• Master Service Agreement (MSA) Statement of Work
• Contract for Services (CFS) Statement of Work
• BuyWays Guided Buying Form for Services Under $50k

Project Status Update

  • Project Plan completed
  • Project Kickoff Meeting held
  • Weekly status reports being distributed
  • Product overview completed
  • Twice a week project planning sessions initiated with discussions on current and future state model i.e. 
  • High-Level Contract model discussions, Request, Review, and Approval process reviewed, and Contract Intake Process examined
  • Design and Configuration Phase In Progress
    • Future state request approval process designed
    • Future state review and execution process designed
    • Finalized contract roles, permissions, notifications, and user credentialing process for initial go-live
  • Initial process validation underway with core project team
  • Engaged with DocuSign to understand and evaluate future optimization potential
  • User Group kickoff completed setting change expectations with key campus stakeholders
  • Announced project launch to the campus end-user community through UPST newsletter and a bulletin to contract process users
  • Design and Configuration Phase In Progress
    • Finalized contract roles, notifications, and user credentialing options
    • Finalize the contract request intake form
    • Finalized design decisions for intermodular connectivity with Sourcing, Supplier, eProcurement, and AP
    • Began discussions around finalizing Contract Types, Templates, and Clause library for go-live
    • OGC Contracts Process Walkthrough
  • July User Group complete with a review of the intake form and business process – initial feedback helped to optimize our configuration
  • Change Management Items:
    • Completed the User Group Meeting for July
    • Completed 1st Focus Group Meeting
    • 2nd User Group Meeting targeted for August 31

Process Work:

  • Finalized Contract Types, Templates, and Clause library for go-live​
  • Reviewed plans for legacy contracts​
  • Optimized Organizational Structure and Visibility ​
  • Improved contract creation with contract record templates, obligation libraries, and setting up defaults​
  • Began discussions on Contract Reporting ​​

Change Management:

  • ​Conducted 1st Campus Focus Group meeting to validate initial future state design (8/24)​
  • Coordinated 3rd Campus User Group meeting to present updated future state process design changes and feedback from Focus Group (8/31)​

Process Work: 

  • Design and Configuration Phase Complete
  • Solution Validation Underway
    • Wave 1 Testing – Project Core Team
    • Wave 2 Testing – Core Team + Extended Team
    • Wave 3 – UAT

Change Management: 

  • Completed 2nd Focus Group Meeting Complete
  • Campus Workflow Discussions (UMB,UMPO, UMD,UML, UMMS, and UMAMH)
  • Commenced training/ change discussions with major stakeholder groups
  • Re-issued all project communication to end-users as a platform for deeper publicity push

Process Work: 

  • Design and Configuration Phase complete
  • Solution Validation Phase in finalization

Change Management: 

  • Finalized project re introduction sensitization sessions (campus specific and Coffee w/UPST)
  • Finalized initial contract approval workflow discussions with campuses
  • Drafted initial communication and change management plan
  • Drafted initial new process training job aids
  • Design and Configuration Phase Complete
  • Solution Validation Phase Complete
  • Deployment to Production In Process

Change Management: 

  • Finalized deployment communication and change management planning
  • Defined transition plans and specific campus support (Gatekeepers)
  • Finalized campus review of requester job aids
  • Finalized job aids, reference guides and website support for go-live
  • Continued reminder notifications on the black-out period and expectations
  • Continued reminder notifications to drive training registration (requester and approver roles)