Updated Maximum Limits for Allowable Expenses

Business Meal Limits 

Meal Dollar Limit
Breakfast $22.50 (change from $10)
Lunch $37.50 (change from $20)
Dinner $70.00 (no change)


Contributions, Gifts, and Awards Limits

Contribution / Gift Type Dollar Limit
Door & Raffle Prizes $100 (no prior limit) 
Human Research Subjects $100 (no prior limit)
Tangible Sympathy Gifts $100 (change from $150)
Employee Recognition Gifts $100 (no change)
Employee Retirement Gifts $400 (no change)


Business Meetings with Alcohol 

  • Alcohol can not exceed 25% of the business meal OR a single beverage per person


Updates on What’s an Allowable Business/Travel Expense

Now Allowable

  • Laundry for business trips of 7+ days
  • Additional legroom seats for non-stop direct flights exceeding three hours
  • One-on-one business meals (allowed with an extended agenda)

No Longer Allowable 

  • Expenditures associated with downloading non-approved fee-based services such as GPS programs, premium text services, custom ring tones, etc.
  • Additional bag fees (unless prior approval is granted)
  • Airline ancillary fees
  • Failure to cancel a guaranteed room reservation
  • Purchase of alcoholic beverages with "to-go" meals, without the purchase of food, and through any source other than a licensed vendor

Other Updates

  • Guidelines for record-keeping and accountability regarding gift cards including securing gift cards in a locked drawer, designating a custodian for gift cards, and keeping a log of all issuances
  • Clarification that personal vehicle expenditures associated with fuel, maintenance, towing, storage, repairs, tires, depreciation and insurance are included in the mileage reimbursement rates
  • Increase information surrounding the topics of human research subjects and door and raffle prizes


Updated Approval & Documentation Requirements

  • New approval matrix sorted by type of business expense and an additional section within the matrix details approval exceptions
  • The new standards provide a comprehensive table containing various expense types and their corresponding documentation requirements
  • All receipts, including restaurant receipts must be detailed and provide itemization
  • Receipt requirements are consistent across all spending mechanisms. If a receipt is lost, the traveler/cardholder must make every possible attempt to contact the vendor and obtain a copy. If a copy cannot be obtained, a Missing Receipt Form must be completed and attached to the Expense Report
  • The only exception to the missing receipt requirement would be receipts for travel related items (parking, tolls, taxi, etc.) that are under $25.00
  • Refer to the Approvals, Documentation Requirements, and Exceptions page for applicable matrices, tables, and guidelines


Tax Compliance

  • The value of non-cash gifts provided to employees which exceed the $100 de minimus limit is taxable, with the exception of length of service or retirement gifts, which are taxable when they exceed $400.
  • All Gift Cards, regardless of value, are considered cash or a cash equivalent gift or award and will be reported as taxable compensation to the employee


Receipt Validity

  1. The name of the company providing the goods/services
  2. Date(s) when the specific expenses were incurred
  3. Unit price of goods/service
  4. Restaurant receipts must itemize food/beverage consumed, tip and tax
  5. Goods/services purchased should include detail on the items consumed
  6. Total amount due and acknowledgement that amount due was paid