Reduced Tax Risk

  • Commuting expenses = distance minus normal commute for travel reimbursements
  • All employees who are receiving a reimbursement (including student employees) are treated the same for taxability of reimbursements 120 days or more
  • Reporting and taxation of student payments are governed by the IRS, most institutional funds to students should be awarded in the Student Financial Aid System
  • Gift cards / cash to employees are taxable (unless the gift card was for human subject compensation)
    • Gift cards must be purchased with the US Bank Declining Card or cash advancement (for human subject compensation) and required gift card documentation must be provided such as (Employee ID)
  • Gifts to employees which exceed limits will be taxable and prior approval for the exception will be required
  • Non-employees are taxed when gifts to the recipient total $600 or more in a CY

Documentation/Receipt Requirements

  • All receipts, including restaurant receipts must be detailed and provide itemization
  • Receipt requirements are consistent across all spending mechanisms. If a receipt is lost, the traveler/cardholder must make every possible attempt to contact the vendor and obtain a copy. If a copy cannot be obtained, a Missing Receipt Form must be completed and attached to the Expense Report
  • The only exception to the missing receipt requirement would be receipts for travel related items (parking, tolls, taxi, etc.) that are under $25.00
  • Refer to the Approvals, Documentation Requirements, and Exceptions page for applicable matrices, tables, and guidelines

Updated Limits

Business Meal Limits

Meal Dollar Limit
Breakfast $22.50
Lunch $37.50
Dinner $70.00 (change from $60)

Contributions, Gifts, and Awards Limits

Contribution / Gift Type Dollar Limit
Door & Raffle Prizes $100 (change from $250)
Human Research Subjects $100 (no change)
Tangible Sympathy Gifts $100 (no change)
Employee Recognition Gifts $100 (no change)
Employee Retirement Gifts $400 (no change)

Business Meetings with Alcohol

  • Alcohol can not exceed 25% of the business meal OR a single beverage per person

Updated Allowability

  • No restriction on “one on one” meals. Meals cannot be provided as a matter of personal convenience. Meals for employee-only business meetings are allowed with an extended agenda such as trainings, workshops, and retreats, or to support emergency operations, or as allowed in collective bargaining agreements
  • Home Internet-not allowed
  • Transition relocation-not included, processed through HR/Payroll
  • Lodging in private residence-language removed, allowed on an exception basis
  • Mileage to campus satellites within 10 miles allowed only in special circumstances with prior approval
  • Pre-travel authorization is no longer needed to travel out of state with no overnight stay
  • Donations to organizations as an expression of sympathy in lieu of a tangible gift is not allowed
  • Reimbursement for non-travel expenses are not allowable
  • Meals in travel status are now allowed on the Bank Card

Approvals and Exceptions

  • Fund administrator is not required for non-sponsored transactions. Employee and supervisor are always required for reimbursement requests as well as PI on sponsored funds.
  • Prior approval is required for most exceptions to the standard as well as certain types of purchases:
    • Events in excess of $500-Dean, Provost, VC or delegate
    • Alcohol at events-Dean, Provost, VC or delegate
    • Donations to external organizations-Dean, Provost, VC or delegate
    • Gift cards-Controller’s Office
    • Exceptions to the Standard-Dean, Provost or VC