IT VAR Program: What Does This Mean for the University?

Purchasing & Payment Services

Significant progress has been made to drive the finalization of the IT VAR program. The four strategic vendors, CDW-G, GovConnection, WEI, and Whalley have worked hard with UPST and campus stakeholders to secure final contracts and pricing.

What do all the changes mean for campuses? Here are the top 3 benefits:

  • Efficiency: Purchases from these VARS satisfy University policy requirements competitive procurements.
  • Pricing: Aggressive pricing – avg. ~13.5% below UMass current competitively bid pricing
  • Terms & Conditions: Service levels with teeth (24-hour quote turnaround for most commoditized products, shipping, response times, etc.)

An unforeseen benefit comes from CDW-G. In addition to their normal products and services, they will also be offering Software Asset Management (SAM) free of charge. SAM will eliminate redundancies, consolidate licenses, better navigate licensing agreements, avoid illegal application usage and stay on top of contract renewals.

See what our partner, WEI, had to say about the IT VAR partnership!

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