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A Master Service Agreement (MSA) is a huge time saving tool!
UMass Contracts Team

Signing the UMass MSA is the best way to expedite having a contract in place and allows You, the Contractor, the ability to work with all UMass Campus’. One MSA has all the terms and conditions needed and have only to be negotiated once. 

When your MSA is in place, every campus can have their own unique Statement of Work (SOW) to link to the MSA without having to renegotiate terms. Each MSA will start with a 3-year term, and then we are happy to consider adding up to two additional one-year terms. All Suppliers will of course go through the UMass Supplier approval process, and MSAs should be as a result of our competitive procurement process.

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Benefits of an MSA:

  • Overall terms negotiated once 
  • Ability to add on additional services through new Statements of Work; so, one contract – multiple projects
  • Ability to provide services to the University of Massachusetts System – all five campuses
  • Shows other institutions that you work successfully with the largest public educational institutions in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Saves time for the campus to create a new SOW vs negotiating a new contract
  • An MSA ensures that you have consistent terms and conditions throughout the University System, rather than different contracts and different contract terms for each campus
  • Once the MSA is in place, multiple campus will be able to utilize your services, and generate more revenue for you, and less costly new contract negotiations
  • Faster and easier to make changes to existing SOWs or draft a new SOW for a new service
  • Builds a good rapport with the University and generates a long term relationship opening the door for future opportunities


View a sample of the UMass Master Service Agreement