Press Release

September 2023 - The University of Massachusetts has partnered with the US Trade and Development Agency in their Global Procurement Initiative. The initiative helps train public officials in emerging markets on how to establish procurement practices and policies that integrate life-cycle cost analysis and best value determination in a fair, transparent manner. 

The USTDA is partnering with the University to assist delegates and procurement specialists from Columbia. The goal for the USTDA and the Columbian delegation is to understand best practice public procurement using the Unified Procurement Team (UPST) as a case study. In addition to best value procurement, this study tour will drive discussions around inclusion, diversity, and small business engagement. 

Supporting the USTDA in bolstering capacity building for Colombian procurement professionals are UMass team members LeeAnn Pasquini, Patrick Lynch, David Nero, David Cho, Claudia Cortes, Amanda Onwuka, Michael Durkin, and Brian Girard. 

To learn more about the USTDA Global Procurement Initiative, please visit the link below.

USTDA Global Procurement Initiative