Purchasing & Payment Services

You are now able to purchase IT commodities (goods and services) from our preferred suppliers that are part of the IT VAR program. UMass has worked with our GPO partner, MHEC, to ensure that discounts and quality service are at our fingertips.

Our preferred value-added resellers that you can directly purchase from without the need to perform any additional competitive bidding are GovConnection, Whalley (WCA), CDW-G, and WEI. You are encouraged to explore their catalogs, request quotes, and find the best value for the goods or services you need.  

As you commence purchasing, do note the following:

  • GovConnection and CDW-G are available via punch-out with the UMass pricing
  • WEI and Whalley (WCA) punch-out catalogs are in the process of being rolled out UMass-wide

Please find the IT VAR contract numbers you can link to your requisition: 

  • CDW-G Contract # UMCEN-11832
  • GovConnection Contract # UMCEN-11831
  • WEI Contract # UMCEN-11403
  • Whalley (WCA) Contract # UMCEN-11400

The IT VAR Contract User Guide gives an overview of the program and each reseller, as well as the links to purchase from the punchout catalog in BuyWays and email to request a quote.