Purchasing & Payment Services

This process enables departments to approve invoices electronically through BuyWays and eliminate the need for manual invoice submission. This process ensures that you will have the ability to review and approve electronically (BuyWays) prior to final processing and payment.  We have already implemented this for 2 campuses i.e. President’s Office and UMass Dartmouth. 

The AP team continues to focus on ensuring that all invoices are received directly and electronically by the UPST.  In order to do this, we continue to need the support of the users throughout the system to not require the vendors to send their invoices to the departments directly, as this only causes delays in receiving, and ultimately, payment to the vendors.  

The UPST in partnership with all of you want to finalize this project before the end of December 2021. The Invoice Approval Workflow process is flexible, and the team will work directly with your department to set up your department specific workflow. 

We encourage you to send an email to upst@umassp.edu to initiate the process of automating your department’s invoice approval process!