Sharing the UMass Procurement Success on a Global Stage

UPST Updates

The UPST has seen a lot of media buzz on the success of the UMass UPST initiative. The system, UPST, and the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO), Dave Cho, have been profiled in both national and international events and publications.

On the international front, UMass, SVP A&F and Treasurer, Lisa Calise, and David Cho were profiled in the October issue of the Supply Chain Digital Magazine. The feature article, UMass: Unifying Procurement to Drive Change, focused on the origins of the UPST initiative from the strategic visions of the A&F leadership and Board support, campus partnership, staff development and our supplier relationships.

Bald, Asian man (David Cho) on the front cover of Supply Chain magazine smiling

Also, in the month of September, Dave had the opportunity to present during the Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE event. He spoke about the changes that have occurred at UMass in the 1st 18+ months and the future in his “A Procurement Road Less Traveled in Higher Ed” session. [insert viewing link]

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