Purchasing & Payment Services

This is a very exciting project as it targets incremental benefits over what was released in TSM Phase 1, Domestic Supplier Self-Service Project. In Phase 1, the project aimed at pushing supplier registration to the suppliers, therefore, minimizing UMass compliance risk through the handling of suppliers' Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that may be contained in their W-9.

TSM Phase 2, takes the benefits of Phase 1 to the next level, as it aims to manage/ fix some of the additional problems that were identified after the deployment of phase 1. The scope of Phase 2 includes:

  • Clean supplier database /establish ongoing governance processes before inviting existing suppliers into TSM
  • Define a new UMass Disbursements (Payments) Strategy (in partnership with Treasurer’s Office)
  • Streamline supplier disbursements, while reducing the use of checks and wires
  • Launch supplier self-service for existing & foreign suppliers
  • Develop and deploy a self-service form to drive campus registration of one-time, unique suppliers, etc.

The completion of TSM Phase 2, will help improve the supplier registration cycle-time for new domestic and existing UMass suppliers. In addition, it will ensure that existing suppliers can now transact with UMass through our UMass Supplier Portal by giving them access to all their UMass-related transaction information (bids, contracts, invoices, etc.) in one place. It will also ensure that we truly operate a truly self-service supplier registration program as suppliers will easily create and update their own information with minimal intervention from their relationship manager or UPST.