Purchasing & Payment Services

Competitive Procurement has always been a major way of commencing strategic relationships with suppliers while optimizing benefits to UMass. The need for an end-to-end procurement platform that links bidding/sourcing to contracts, and supplier management cannot be over-emphasized. To achieve this integration while driving ease of use for the system and 360 view to suppliers, the UPST deployed Jaggaer (BuyWays) Sourcing module, Sourcing Director, as a replacement for Bonfire. 

With all the major procurement modules within one platform, Jaggaer (BuyWays), campus stakeholders and our suppliers can start reaping the benefits of transparency and processing ease, where successful bid events are flipped to contracts with minimal work from the requestor/campus stakeholder side.  

The transition to Sourcing Director from Bonfire was successfully completed at the end of May 2021. Information sessions on how to use the new module were conducted in May and trainings are conducted by our Strategic Sourcing team for each sourcing event. Job aids and videos are available to support both the campus and our suppliers! 

We continue enhancing the offerings within Sourcing Director and will keep you informed of the exciting new updates when they occur!  

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