Streamlining the Procurement Contract Project: Bringing UMass Contracts Process into the 21st Century!

Purchasing & Payment Services

The importance of an efficient, transparent, and effective contract process cannot be over-emphasized as it powers our daily transactions with our suppliers and partners. All hands are on deck to reimplement this process and supporting technology in the Streamline Procurement Contracts Project. 

Currently, there are contracting process activities that take place outside of the BuyWays Contracts Module, Total Contract Management (TCM), with some campuses maintaining their own templates, or process elements even after the formation of UPST.  In addition to this, the existing contract request form is not integrated with the TCM module, with existing functionalities not optimized when it was deployed by UMass 5-10 years ago.  With this backdrop, the Streamline Procurement Contracts Project has its work cut out for it as it aims to: 

  • Develop a standardized and streamlined contracting process based on industry best practice 

  • Improve contract data collected in BuyWays Total Contract Manager (TCM) to facilitate Contract, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) & Supplier Risk processes and activities 

  • For the end user, the project also aims to: 

    • Increase process transparency & customer visibility 

    • Decrease process cycle time 

    • Increase policy compliance 

    • Reduce supplier risk 

Note that the UPST is not working on this in a vacuum. We have partnered with an external consultant, Huron, to ensure that the project deliverables are aligned with leading practices. We are working with your campus representatives to ensure that the project fixes most of the contract process pain points identified by you through your feedback to UPST. 

We will continue to provide periodic updates to you on project progress!