Procurement Related Policy Harmonization Update

Purchasing & Payment Services

On December 16, 2021, the UMass Board of Trustees approved the revised Procurement Policy, and Business & Travel Expense Policy. The Standards operationalizing these policies are still being finalized by your campus stakeholders and the University system leadership. Major changes in the policy documents include:

  • Procurement Policy: 
    • Broadened the Chancellor(s) ability to delegate campus procurement to any University personnel and UPST to execute contracts upon campus approval 
    • Now aligned with the creation of UPST and system-wide approach to procurement activities
  • Business & Travel Expense (B&TE) Policy:
    • Combines content of business expense policy and travel policy into a harmonized and unified policy document focused on expense and expense reimbursement
    • Work in progress on a system-wide standards document and templates to operationalize the updated B&TE process 

Be on the lookout for additional communication on the updated policies and standards. We will keep you informed on roadshows/information sessions targeted at your specific campus over the coming months.


View the updated Procurement Policy Documents