Optimizing User Experience Through the New UPST Website

Procurement Updates

Just a little over a year since the launch of UPST, the team has rolled out a new, enhanced and user-friendly website. The new website apart from being intuitive factored in all the feedback users provided regarding language, access, and searchability for non-procurement professionals or frequent users of UPST services. 

The new site appeals to those with minimum procurement experience by laying the cards out on the table. Are you looking for more info about the Travel & Expense program? Just click on that tab. Are you looking for help with buying a specific good/service for your needs? Just navigate to the Purchasing & Payments tab and find the Strategic Sourcing section. In that section, you'll find all the information you will need to strategically source that commodity. We have ensured that the FAQ sections are easily accessible on each topic web page they are supporting.