COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements for Suppliers, Contractors, and Visitors

Suppliers & Partners

The Unified Procurement Services Team (UPST) of the University of Massachusetts System is issuing updated guidelines to our suppliers and partners regarding COVID-19 requirements. This is necessitated by the vaccination requirement our campuses have put in place for our students and employees as we return to campus for Fall 2021.  

To ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of our campus communities (students and employees), customers and suppliers, the UMass System is continuously updating its policies and guidelines in alignment with leading practices recommended by the CDC, OSHA, federal and state governments. As a valued supplier and partner to the System, we encourage you to partner with us in this effort.

To continue this partnership, the UMass System requires that your company:

  1. MUST abide by the COVID-19 vaccination requirements for visitors/suppliers/partners as dictated by the campus you are visiting or working with to access their specific location.
  2. Abides by OSHA guidelines outlined in Protecting Workers: Guidance on Mitigating and Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in the Workplace.
  3. Have standards in place to ensure, among others, the following:
    1. Social distancing (minimum of 6 feet)
    2. Use of face coverings in the workplace
    3. Requiring sick employees to stay home
    4. Consideration for daily conduct of in-person or virtual health checks
    5. Educating employees about steps they can take to protect themselves at work

Suppliers/partners unable to meet the above requirements may be subject to termination of the relationship between your business and the UMass system.
We sincerely appreciate your continued partnership with the system.

Note: this communication complements campus specific general COVID-19 and vaccination considerations you may be required to abide with. View the Suppliers page for campus specific requirements.