Congratulations to the IT VAR Working Committee!

Suppliers & Partners

Information Technology leadership, UITS, the Office of the General Counsel (OGC), and the UPST.

Over the last 16 months, this group has worked diligently to streamline technology purchasing, rationalizing the supplier base from 1,600+ to 4 strategic partners: CDW-G, GovConnection, WEI, and WCA (Whalley). Specifically, the objective of this committee was:

  • Increase IT procurement efficiency by satisfying University policy requirements on competitive procurement
  • Drive aggressive pricing to ensure UMass campuses are receiving a thorough and fair rate for goods and services
  • Create supplier-customer transparency through accountability and regular business review

Thank you for your hard work to ensure that the University gets the best overall value (price, quality, warranty, delivery, maintenance, etc.) with regards to IT purchases!

IT VAR Committee

  • Boston: Neil Rosenberg
  • Dartmouth: Jacqueline Ryan, Margaret Dias
  • Lowell: Steven Hall
  • UMass Chan: Brian Coleman
  • President's Office: Bill Smith (UITS), John Chayrigues (OGC), Allison Lepper (OGC), Neha Ajgaonkar (UPST), Charles Kotecki (UPST), John Healey (UPST), Michael Durkin (UPST)