The UITS information security team provides services and training to keep your data and devices safe.

Scope of Services

  • Cyber Security Awareness and Assessment 
  • Identity and Access Management 
  • Disaster Recovery Management 
  • Business Continuity Planning 


  • Secure data, systems, and devices 
  • Provide the community with the tools they need to stay safe online 
  • Prepare our systems and services for potential emergencies 
  • Develop policies and programs to support information security and privacy 


This service is available to the following customers:

  • President's Office


Tips for Working Securely from the Office or Home

Tips include password security, email and web safety, and connectivity.

Standards and Procedures

Login to our Standards and Procedures page to access key information security processes.

Knowledge Articles

Learn about how to protect yourself from phishing scams, the data security incident reporting process, and more.