The PMO supports project stakeholders in a variety of ways.

Project Management

The PMO can provide management for:

  • Strategic, high value projects
  • Projects creating a unique or innovative product or service
  • Projects requiring cross-functional collaboration from more than 5 dedicated resources
  • Projects with a minimum 4-month estimated duration

UITS Project Champions

The PMO provides support to UITS Management by:

  • Providing consultancy & guidance on project methodologies
  • Providing discipline-specific support
  • Gaining targeted knowledge/experience in each Application/area
  • Assisting with identifying projects in the team's pipeline
  • Representing the team's needs to the PMO


If requested the PMO can provide coaching on:

  • Project management best practices
  • Backlog management
  • Agile sizing techniques
  • Tool utilization


The PMO can provide advice on:

  • Implementing project management practices on smaller projects
  • A routine endeavor
  • Projects performed within a single team
  • Product upgrades
  • Routine maintenance
  • Project Management best practices