The UMass Business and Travel Expense Policy provides an overarching set of rules for employee expenses and reimbursements and has been approved by the Board of Trustees. The Business and Travel Expense Administrative Standards provide a practical interpretation of the policy. These documents are available as webpages and as downloadable, printable PDFs. 

Administrative Standards Sections

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Key Terms and Definitions

The BTE standards contain terms that require clear definitions in order to maintain compliance. Major terms used in the policy and standards are defined here for all UMass Campuses and President’s Office personnel.

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Allowable and Non-Allowable Non-Travel Expenses

Non-Travel business expenses at UMass can be broken down into two broad categories: allowable and non-allowable. Allowable expenses may be paid for using University funding or reimbursed if you pay out of pocket. Non-allowable expenses generally cannot be paid for using University funding and will not be reimbursed. 

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Expenses by Category

Each category of expense has rules governing what is allowable, variations in the approval process, and any exceptions to the administrative standards.

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Approvals, Documentation Requirements, and Exceptions

Most types of expenses are subject to approval and documentation requirements in order to be reimbursed. In addition, some non-allowable expenses can be reimbursed with prior approval. 

Chief Executive Officer Administrative Standards and Time Reporting

Business Expense and Time Reporting Standards apply to business expenses incurred by the President or any Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts who incurs business expenses in the process of conducting University business in addition to the process to approve leave time for the Chancellors. Quarterly reporting requirements are detailed within this page. The essence of this Standard is to capture travel and entertainment expenses incurred by the President and the Chancellors and other expenses that can be viewed as personal in nature. 

Chief Executive Officer Administrative Standards and Time Reporting


Contact if you need help using the Business and Travel Expense Policy and Administrative Standards or have questions about expenses and reimbursements.

Concur Travel & Expense Support

There are 3 ways to get T&E support as listed below:

  1. Submit a support request online to create a case by the types listed:
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  2. Email to create a case
  3. Call the Concur Hotline at (774)570-5507. Live phone support M-F from 9-4.