State Employee Disclosure Forms

Conflict of interest law disclosure forms for state employees

Many exemptions to the conflict of interest law require a state employee to file a public disclosure form. 

If you have questions about the conflict of interest law, whether you are eligible for an exemption, or how to complete a disclosure form, please contact the Commission's Attorney of the Day for advice. 

Concur Travel & Expense Support

There are 3 ways to get T&E support as listed below:

  1. Submit a support request online to create a case by the types listed:
    1. Concur Request
    2. Concur Expense
    3. Concur Travel
    4. Concur System Access
  2. Email to create a case
  3. Call the Concur Hotline at (774)570-5507. Live phone support M-F from 9-4.