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HR Direct is a UMass self-service application, which is available to all UMass employees.  HR Direct allows employees to manage some human resources and payroll data online.  Through HR Direct, employees have access to the following types of information, including but not limited to:

  • View paycheck.
  • View personal information.
  • View and update emergency contact information.
  • Enroll in or change direct deposit information.
  • Update/edit federal (W4) and state tax (M4) withholding information.
  • View and Print a Copy of W-2 Year-End Tax Statements.

The university requires managers to approve time for their staff in HR Direct on a weekly basis.  Below are job aids that will guide you in that process.

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PageUp is an online solution for managing the recruiting process for all employee hires (benefited/non-benefited) within the President’s Office. Should you have any questions regarding the recruitment process, please contact Jacquie Kittler 5-7559 or the Human Resource mail number, 774-455-7150.

Training Documentation

The President’s Office requires the use of a product called DUO Two-Factor Authentication to access PeopleSoft HR Direct. This action requires you to verify your identity using a second factor (i.e. cellphone, work phone, home phone or other mobile device) when you login to PeopleSoft HR Direct.

Please visit the multi-factor authentication page and take a couple of minutes to get a better understanding of DUO and how two-factor authentication works. 

The Electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF) allows departments to process paperless personnel actions. The forms enable the President's Office to process personnel actions rapidly, through an electronic approval process, providing an audit trail for personnel actions.

The Department Approver is typically a department head. The Department Approver is second in line of the approval process and will be responsible for approving the initiated ePAF created by the Initiator assigned to your department. There is also an option to assign a Proxy who will be able to approve ePAFs on behalf of the Department Approver. This Proxy can be assigned at a later date should you wish to use a Proxy while on vacation or leave. Please contact Carol Dugard at should you need to assign a Proxy before a vacation or leave.

As the designated Department Approver, you will be able to review the ePAF and comment, edit, approve or reject. If you approve the ePAF it will continue on through the workflow. The typical approval workflow of the ePAF will be as follows: Initiator, Department Approver, Budget Approver, Director, HR Approver, HR/Payroll. If you reject the ePAF, the form will kick back to the initiator.

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Manager Approval

As the designated Department Approver, you will be able to review the ePAF and comment, edit, approve or reject.   If you approve the ePAF it will continue on through the workflow.  The typical approval workflow of the ePAF will be as follows:  Initiator, Department Approver, Budget approval, Director, HR Approver, HR Payroll.   If you reject the ePAF, the form will kick back to the initiator.  ePAFs should be approved by Department Approvers in a timely manner.

Approval emails will always come from  Once you click on the link in the email, it will take you directly to the ePAF.  You will be able to review the ePAF and approve if there are no changes.

Roll On

A Roll On Form should be completed at the time of hire for all new employees. The Roll On form will set up an employee as a contingent worker in HR Direct, create an employee email address, determine office and computer setups, and any other special IT account setups.

Please complete and send the form to:

Download the Roll On Form.

Roll Off

With the implementation of ePAF, we are also pleased to announce that the University’s Roll Off form will no longer be needed when an employee terminates or resigns.   Should an employee need special provisions after termination, i.e. email needs to remain on for their access, application production accounts need to remain active, etc. you will need to provide this information in the comments field of the termination ePAF.  If no special provisions are needed, all University System accounts and access will be deleted upon termination.   If certain provisions need to remain, the former employee will be set up as a Contingent Worker (CWR) by Payroll.  The department will need to provide an end date of the CWR status to payroll so provisions do not remain on indefinitely.   Payroll will reach out to the department on any CWR who may be getting close to their termination date and ask if the CWR status needs to remain.

The University’s Roll On form should still be used for new hires.

The University uses Summit (OBIEE) as its primary reporting system. This web-based system provides a full range of reporting and analysis tools, from interactive dashboards to ad hoc reports.

The team provides solutions at both the database level and reporting level including the modeling of physical and logical data structures. The team not only configures reporting data for Summit but also offers these services for campus-specific development.  In addition, the Summit team provides change request support and migration and issue escalation as needed. Each Product Manager is responsible for communicating with the governance bodies and campus leads through a standard communication model.

System Approved Time Report

The university requires managers to approve time for their staff in HR Direct on a weekly basis.  If these approvals do not happen in HR Direct in a timely manner, the system will “batch approve” the time to ensure that it meets payroll processing deadlines.  Since the “batch approved” time was not affirmatively approved by a supervisor, it must be later reviewed for accuracy.

The University has implemented an automated system for post review and approval of unapproved time.  You will receive an email notice with a link to the Summit Reporting System.   This will provide supervisors with an opportunity to review and approve online. By confirming the time in the Summit dashboard, you acknowledge that you reviewed the time.

Ideally, time should be approved by the deadline in HR Direct. If time has not been approved by the established HR Direct deadlines, it will appear in the Summit Reporting System. If unapproved time still exists after 2 pay periods, an escalation email will be sent to the supervisor’s manager for awareness. Notifications will continue to be sent until the time has been confirmed.

Job Aid: System Approved Time Report

The University reimburses employees for all necessary and reasonable travel expenses incurred for authorized University business. A traveler on University-related business has the responsibility to act prudently and incur expenses that are necessary, appropriate, and reasonable.

For more information regarding Travel & Reimbursement and the University Travel Policy, visit the UPST website

Travel Authorization Approval

A job aid for approving travel authorizations can be found under "Documentation" on the Authorization & Booking page of the Travel Program site.

Expense Report Approval

A job aid on approving expense reports is available under "Documentation" on the Reimbursements page of the Travel Program website in the Employee Center.

Other Travel Job Aids and Forms

You'll find more forms and job aids on the UPST site.

BuyWays is used for purchasing goods and services needed by the University. The goals of BuyWays are:

  • Improve the quality of service to users by providing an intuitive, 'Amazon-like' shopping experience for purchasing goods and services
  • Reduce maverick spend and Procard activity by directing users to University contracts and preferred vendors through the use of 'Punch-Out' and 'Hosted' catalogs
  • Increase the use of electronic transactions for purchase orders and invoices
  • Take advantage of early payment discounts, made possible by a more efficient invoicing process
  • Capture detailed, item level spend activity by campus to improve spend analysis capabilities and strategic sourcing efforts

For additional support and questions, please refer to the Contact List for the appropriate contact.

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