Introducing Buddy, the UPST Virtual Assistant! 

A cartoon owl with headphones and a UMass badge

Coming late FY24, UPST will be unveiling a one-of-a-kind virtual assistant named Buddy! Buddy the Owl will appear on the UPST website and will be able to answer questions and provide relevant resources for user's procurement related needs. He will operate on the website 24/7, so users will no longer need to wait for a team member to answer any pressing questions.  

Buddy the Owl is at the forefront of AI technology. He will operate entirely using Artificial Intelligence and will scan the UPST website constantly to gather more information and learn about any updates or changes. Buddy will also get smarter as time goes on and will continue to learn as it interacts with more and more users.  

The goal for Buddy, as well as the use of AI technology overall, is to help make the world of UMass procurement easily accessible and transparent for campus staff and suppliers alike.  

Keep an eye out for upcoming updates on Buddy the Owl and how he can help you with all of your procurement needs!