No position will post until all required approvals are received through PageUp.  The Office of Human Resources will advise the hiring department about the most effective sources for attracting a qualified pool of diverse candidates to fill the vacancy.  A carefully structured recruitment plan details the strategy for attracting and hiring the best-qualified candidate and serves to promote an applicant pool, which includes members of underrepresented groups including racial and ethnic minorities, veterans, and persons with disabilities.

Posting on PageUp is required for a minimum of 10 calendar days.  External posting requests must be indicated on the Job Requisition Form in Pageup.

In general, positions will post to the following sites:

Additional external advertising will be placed and paid for by the department; any additional cost is the responsibility of the hiring department. The Office of Human Resources has final approval over all external postings.

Positions may post on additional sites, on a case-by-case basis, as requested by the Search Committee Chair.  Some examples of other posting opportunities include:

  • Professional journals
  • Online recruiting site

If members of the Search Committee post the vacancy on relevant list serves and electronic bulletin boards, they must use the exact language of the vacancy notice. The Search Committee Chair must also let the Office of Human Resources know where the position has been posted if the committee posts on sites that were not identified in the job requisition.  This information should be Matt Wamback, HR Operations Manager and entered in the note tab on the position requisition in PageUp.

Job Aid: "How to Create a Requisition in PageUp"


In the rare event that the hiring department is requesting a waiver of the posting process for a position, the Hiring Manager must upload the "Posting Waiver Form" into the Document section on the Job Requisition Form in PageUp and include a narrative to the form explaining the exceptional circumstances that justify the waiver.  All waivers are subject to review and approval by the Office of Human Resources.

Below are examples of exceptional circumstances:

  • If the position is funded by a grant or contract and the employment relationship is anticipated to be no longer than twelve (12) months in duration.*
  • There is an opportunity to secure a staff person on a permanent basis, independent of a specific vacancy or position, and that person has such highly specialized skills that a search would not yield as qualified a candidate.
  • There is an immediate and urgent need to fill a position and the appointment has an anticipated duration of less than six months.
  • The candidate is highly qualified for the position based on expertise and possesses unique skills, knowledge, abilities or experience.

*Some exceptions may apply.  Please see HR.

Download "Posting Waiver Form"