Wooden blocks that spell out the word Bias.

Understanding Unconscious Bias and Discrimination

Who we are shapes our beliefs from how we were raised to our ethnicity, religion, and abilities. In order to understand how that impacts our relationships and customer deliverables, it's key to be identity conscious.

A diverse set of people with different skin tones, hair colors, and hair cuts.

Building an Inclusive Workplace through Individual Actions

In order to create an inclusive environment, we must each focus on our individual biases, fears, and overall understanding of inclusion. This section provides resources to get you started on key focus areas, such as anti-racism and gender identity. 

A tree with a heart at the center of its roots and roots extending in all directions.

Getting to Know Each Other: President's Office Collaborative DEIA Projects

Access DEIA projects focused on sharing our stories as a diverse community. 

Hands hold a wooden cut out of a person's head with a heart shaped brain.

Mental Health Resources

Access information on crisis hotlines, the University's Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), and community-based resources.