A light-skinned woman sits working a laptop with her partner and child sitting in the background.

Workplace Culture and the LGBTQIA+ Community

Learn about LGBTQIA+ workplace-related statistics, authentic steps you can take towards creating an inclusive experience, and explore additional educational resources.

A light-skinned woman and dark-skinned masculine-presenting woman sit together with their hands clasped.

Understanding Gender Identity, Chosen Names, and Pronouns

Resources on Gender Identity, Chosen Names, and Pronouns.

A medium-skinned man and light-skinned man talk in their kitchen.

LGBTQIA+ Mental Health Resources

Access community hotlines and resources.

Three Black and disabled folx decked out happily in rainbow pride flags. On the left, a non-binary person holds a cane in one hand and waves a mini flag in the other. In the middle, a non-binary person sits in their power wheelchair, draped in a large flag. On the right, a femme rests one hand on their friend's shoulder and waves a mini flag around with the other hand.

Understanding Disability in the LGBTQ+ Community (External Resource)

This Human Rights Campaign article covers the intersection between the LGBTQIA+ and disabled community. For example, did you know that 52% of the transgender community identifies as disabled?